control panel doesn't detect joystick

i have xp home, sp1, no 2nd account so i have full privilege. the problem is control panel doens't detect usb joystick, but it shows up in device manager and dx diag. i've updated the mobo's bios, vid card and sound card drivers to latest and still doesn't work. i've tried 3 different sticks and none are showing up in control panel. i've deleted all usb and human interface device entries in device manager and then reboot but still doesn't work. i've tried plugging it into different usb ports on the computer, and on a powered usb hub, nothing's working. any suggestions?
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  1. Just to make sure, you are checking under "Game Controllers"?
  2. yes, game controllers in control panel.
  3. I will yield to those greater than I on this one. But, one last thing to check on.

    Go up into your BIOS and look for Legacy USB. It could be in "Advanced" or "Peripheral Configuration", whatever. It's in there somewhere. Make sure this is "enabled".
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