Help needed finding digital TV Tuner Card!!!!

Looking at purchasing a TV tuner card with a digital satelite decoder built in For use with my new computer. Computer is running vista ultimate so will need to be compatible with that. Any suggestions on a reasonably good TV Tuner will be appreciated. Thanks
*** Sorry wasn't specific want it to be able to be used with a digital satelite
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  1. Is the ATI HD-Wonder Vista Compatable?
  2. This is the best resource I can provide to a vexing question that continually surfaces on these forums:

    and this is a reasonably priced TV tuner, that a lot of folks use, and is listed in the article:

    Happy reading, and good luck!
  3. First link didnt work. but the other ones on the website U gave looked good unfortunately im looking for a PAL tv tuner card otherwise that would have been perfect. Thanks for the help anyway
  4. The link is back up, give it another try -- I was able to access it today.
  5. im using a tv wonder 650 and i have to say the video quality is much beter than my old all in wonder card
  6. Do many of the cards talked about able to record digital satellite? I'm in the same boat, but I can't seem to find anything that allows me to record digital satellite, or HDTV Satellite?
  7. ups sorry, im not using a satellite service with that tv tuner, sorry for the mistake m8
  8. There has been one or two tuner cards I have found which may be what im after the Hauppauge 3000 and also the 4000 models the 4000 model has HD capabilties otherwise identicle to the 3000. although i have yet to find it listed on any New Zealand websites I might have to buy in from overseas. I dont no if this wil work though because we get PALb in New Zealand and I'm unsure as to weather these cards will pick that up.
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