Does Microcenter Price match?

Just as the threat title suggests. I'm planning on building a rig purely from Microcenter and was wondering if they do Price Matching with Newegg or other stores?
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  1. most retail stores will pricematch with other retail stores, so in this regard i think that microstation will.

    i highly doubt that they will match any newegg or other online retailer prices as such places can offer lower prices due to not having much overhead.


    personally i buy most of my parts from newegg because of the huge selection, great service and sometimes free shipping.

    the only things i bought from microcenter were some ssds, flash memory, and a few odds and ends. their prices are decent in general, i just prefer the larger selection that can be had online.
  2. Okay =) Although, I have heard from quite a few places that they will match Newegg, but no other online retailers. I also popped into their "help chat room" and asked the operator and they said that sometimes they do but it depends on the manager. He told me to call the store near me and ask. I'll update the thread if they price match =D
  3. Just got in touch with sales. They said that some managers do if you bring in the proper paper work from newegg or other stores. It just depends on who you get =)
  4. and it all depends on what kind of deal newegg is pushing as well i'd think.

    after all, its hard to compete with someone when they don't require the profit you do.

    it would be like a mom&pops store trying to compete with walmart... price matching only goes so far.


    good luck
  5. Yeah, I figured it would have to do with the deals. Although, the parts that I'm attempting to price match on Newegg aren't sales...sooooo if the manager is nice and having a good day I may get lucky this Saturday =D
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