i lost my windows XP pro disc and licence code when i moved to a new apartment....i thought i had it in with my other PC discs but to my dismay it is not in there. now i need it to upgrade my MoBo and it needs the disc to do a repair install. will MS send u a new one if u have the proper info? or am i stuck buying a whole new XP?
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  1. You will need to retrieve your CD key and MS should be able send you a new disk (with verification of ownership) for a small fee.

  2. I believe it is legal to copy a friends, and use your keys for authorization, since all XP version flavor discs are the same, and accept any legit auth codes... I have used this on a friends, no probs.
  3. On your existing computer, BEFORE YOU DO ANTHING, bring up your desktop; go to Start - Run - (type in) regedit, and do the following:

    Hit the + signs on HKeyLocalMachine - Software - Microsoft - Windows.

    Single left click Current Version and write down the Product ID which you will see in the right panel.

    Call M$ tech support and tell them your story and give them this ID.

    It's all that I have to share with you. Maybe it will be enough to convince them to help you.
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