WINDOWS REBOOTS AT START UP, Cant get into Windows at all


When i boot my computer and just before the windows logo appears my PC restarts,

now this happened with my old hard drive so i suspected hard drive failure, however i brought a new hard disk, it was all fine, installed xp ect,

then i installed a ATI Driver, and then downloaded and installed a new driver without uninstalling previous one.

now whenether it boots at the windows logo it restarts, Safe mode does not work nor does any other method of boot.

is there a way i can restore the previous settings without formating the entire drive?
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  1. Couple of things.

    First, before you give up on the old drive, try a boot repair. Hook up the old drive on its' own as Master on the Primary connection. Make sure you have CD drive as first in boot order in the BIOS. Pop in the XP cd and boot up. Start the installation process. Eventually, you will reach a Repair option. Choose Boot Repair to see if it restores your old drive to bootability.

    Second, unless you're gaming, what was the reason for you to change video drivers? The native driver in XP should have been okay. Since you're practically brand new on the second drive, just wipe it out with a boot diskette, and start over with a new install.
  2. yeh i jus reinstalled windows, it done the trick, thank you for helping out man,

    merry xmas
  3. I have been just installing ATI's cat drivers on top of previous driver installations for months now. I see they have included an auto-uninstall with their drivers, and so far, I had no probs.

    BTW, I think ATI releases monthly driver updates, these include performance enhancements amd features, along with bug fixes. With Cat 5.13 they include AVIVO for video converting.
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