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Hiya; sorry for such a newb question, but I'm building a PC for my grandparents, and I'm in need of an OS. The hard-drive I'm using currently has windows XP installed and I'd like to replace it with the '98 upgrade CD I've got hanging around in my CD bin. When I put in the CD, it claims I need to restart in MS-DOS mode; is this even possible from XP? Any suggestions? Help!
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  1. Answer a couple of questions for me first.

    Do you have a W98 boot floppy which will give you CD support?

    The hard drive that you mention will become the W98??????

    Are you comfortable handling some simple DOS command key strokes?

    Do you have your grandparents computer ready to go, except for this 98 thing? What I mean is, is the hd you mention set up inside a box already?

    Post back with these answers, and I'll run you through all the procedures to complete the task in an hour or so.
  2. I don't believe I have the floppy, no. I want to replace the copy of Windows XP on the hard-drive with the '98 upgrade, yes. The computer is otherwise finished. As for DOS...never had occasion to use it, beyond the 'D:/setup.exe' bit. Thanks for your help!
  3. Before you kill the XP, download a 98 boot floppy file and also find debug.exe. You can do all this through Google.

    Get your hands on a floppy whose contents can be erased. Format it first to find out if it has bad spots. When you get a "clean" floppy, create the boot disk from the downloaded file (just double-click it); then copy debug.exe to it.

    More questions:

    1. What's the size of the hard drive?
    2. Do you want to duel boot both OS's? Or, kill XP and have 98 only?
    3. What's your particular reason not to keep XP for your grandparents?
    4. Exactly what flavor is the 98cd? Original or SE? (If it's the Upgrade to SE version, it won't recognize XP as the requirement to proceed with the install. It will be looking for 98. If it's original 98, it'll be looking for 95) Does it have the product key?
    5. Can you get your hands on a 95 cd from an acquaintance?
    6. How much memory do you have?
    7. How will you access the web?

    Get back to me with those answers, and we'll go from there.
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