suse or linspire?

I would like to find out which one is better suse 10 or linspire 5? I have a wireless modem and I play games a lot. I use radeon 9800 pro, creative sound card, asus mobo. Any help is greatly appreciated....
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  1. I'm currently using Suse v10 and I'm pretty impressed. It's a little more demanding in computer resources than other distros I've tried but it's hardware detection is pretty impressive and it's ideal (IMHO) for newbies.

    PS. I've been using Linux for about 5 years so I'm not a complete newbie :D
  2. I bought suse linux 10. It's kinda sad that most of the stores don't carry it in high quantity. I spent most of the day looking for it. So far , I'm greatly satisfied with it. I'm having a problem with my dvd player, I have aopen and my printer too a canon i250..those are the only things I couldn't get it work with more thing my video card..9800 says 3d is not supported..any clues???
  3. As for the ATI card, you probably have to download and install the drivers from the Vendor's site ( to use it's features and enabled 3D acceleration. Didn't have time to look at your other problems. You can find Suse specific help over at the Suse forums:
  4. Open Suse is a good choice you can download it for free, however I like Mepis linux the best. I have tried over 50 distros and I always go back to using Mepis Linux. I like PCLinux also and DSL(Damn Small Linux). LiveCD's are the easiest way to try a distro. Mepis boots & works right from the cd and if you want to install it there is a neat little Install Me shorcut on the desktop and it only took about 10 minutes on my Athlon 2800+ in contrast windows xp takes about an hour to install. Linux is awesome!!! Look at DISTROWATCH for all the latest versions and distros and software for free (open source)
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