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So, I just got a new ATi Radeon X850 Pro GPU. I was having problems installing it when I noticed that my virusscan with background scanning initiated was using anywhere from 20-90% of my CPU AND was constantly accessing my HDD, making it more difficult to use the PC. Well, I have managed to reboot several times, and each time I have disabled McAfee's background scanning, and now everything isi installed and fine. Can anyone help me enable it with out having these issues? I plan to do a virusscan now and I will report back later. Thanks
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  1. So, I have done a Microsoft Antispyware scan and found nothing. I have tried to do a full Virus scan, but when McAfee scans certain zip files, it takes too long (i.e. 20 min and still hasn't even passed the file it has been scanning) so I have been unable to do a full scan. But, is it normal for McShield to utilize the CPU (up to 98% when I was installing Catalyst drivers!!!) when I am accessing files, docs, etc?
  2. McAfee had a version that went bad like that. They have a small patch out on their website that fixes this. It was about 6-8 months ago when this came out though.
  3. Really? Well I'll go and check it out. Thanks a lot.
  4. What verison are you using btw?

    There is no need for mcafee to scan files that haven't been accessed or modified.. which tends to cause problems when you're running programs and the like.
  5. Right now I am using Virus Scan Professional 2005 version 9. I ran the virtual technician at the McAfee website, which later updated my Security Center. But, when I still run taskmanager, McShield usage still jumps up (just opening 'My Computer' makes McShield use 22% of CPU). I'm guessing this is normal then? It was just really odd when I was installing Catalyst drivers..........
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