booted up for 1st time, are these temperatures acceptable?

i have the evga 680i mobo, an 8800gtx, and a lian li case with 2 fans. a few months ago, i carried out the sealent replacement on the north and south bridge of the mobo (basically, i removed the huge clumps of putty, and put down a thin layer of antec5 silver formula sealent). i just booted the machine up for the 1st time last night, and left it running for a few hours.
here's the reading i get in power managment screen of the bios--

cpu- 44/111
board- 39/102
mcp- 61/142

i haven't loaded anything (OS, drivers) yet, just letting the comp run and watching temps in the bios

the lian li midtower case, which has 2 120 fans

it's about 78 degrees in the room

i am curious if my mcp temp especially is too high, especially since i have yet to really demand much from the comp, with games and the 8800gtx card heat (if this will be a factor)

maybe the layer i put on was too thin?

also, will all these temps increase as i start running windows apps and gaming, and does this mean basically that my comp (or specifically, my mobo) is running too hot to game and eventually overclock safely?

i've read on the evga forums that folks here who are doing this repair correctly are in the 45 degree range, though i am not sure if that is 45 while just looking at the temps in bios, or 45 after having left the comp on and having played games (if this is the case then i am wondering if 61 is too high a reading for a comp that is just on for 2hrs doing nothing in bios)

ps- i bought antec formula5 silver thermal compound b/c in the words of the techie, it was the "same thing" as as5.

also, are there any other ways i can try to lower the temp other than doing that PITA procedure of applying the antec formula 5 paste again? now that i have everything plugged in and the cords organized, i really don't want to have to remove the mobo again.

i have read here of a few folks checking that the heatsink is evenly applied. can someone explain to me how i go about checking on this, and whether it requires removing the mobo, since this could be a factor?

and also, some folks in some other forums were mentioning that in bios it is a full load condition, meaning that it's as high there as it would be say running a game in windows, and therefore the temps i have are ok. they suggested using Prime95 for 30 minutes,
and said that mobo temp senors can be pretty inaccurate. do folks here agree with this?

evga just came out with a small fan for the southbridge, and i wonder if this would be worth getting, if indeed my temp on the mcp is too high?

finally, i am interested to know whether these boards have had a habit of malfunctioning, locking up, crashing, whatever if cpu, board, and mcp temps reached a certain point. if so, are my temps within that range?

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  1. They are fine. But next time post in Celcius. My conversion math is really bad.
  2. those were celsius

    here it is:

    cpu 45c/113f
    board 38c/100f
    mcp 60c/140f
  3. Quote:
    those were celsius

    here it is:

    cpu 45c/113f
    board 38c/100f
    mcp 60c/140f

    Ohhh... I though you were posting idle/load. Yeah, those are fine. Right were they should be.
  4. just got home from work, and it's a hot day out. after being on for about 5 hrs, my bio is reporting:

    cpu 45/115
    board 43/109
    mcp 65/147

    it's worrying me that these temps are a good 20 degrees higher than those who most of those who own the board and who are reporting about it on the evga forums
  5. here's a thought- would switching my 8800gtx card from the top pci slot, which puts it directly above the southbridge (preventing me from adding the new sb fan evga has), and moving it to the bottom pci slot possibly lower my mcp temps? and does it matter whether the gpu is in the primary pci slot or the secondary one? the 680i manual isn't clear, but it does sort of imply that if you have one videocard, that it should go in the primary pci slot. i'm wondering though if having it directly above the southbridge increases the mcp temp.

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