Firefox Myths

Firefox Myths

You will be surprised at what you thought was true. :wink:
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  1. I don't buy into all of that. Firefox has been the single best piece of software that I have put on as far as spyware is concerned. Back when I used IE, I would fined 15-20 spyware hits each week when I ran adaware. I used to be constantly editing my registry to get rid of garbage that crap shouldn't be on my machine. I have been using Firefox for around a year now and I NEVER have had a problem with spyware since. I have not changed my web surfing habits. I still visit the same old p0rn sites that I used to, the only difference is Firefox.

    Just because it's written doesn't make it true. Firefox may not be perfect, but it's far better than IE IMO. I don't choose to use Firefox because some website told me that it's better, I choose it because of the results that I've seen with my own eyes.
  2. That's a great opinion.

    I still use IE as I've never had a spyware problem with IE. My brother uses Firefox and his computer is fubar with spyware.

    What's that mean? It means your comment is as worthless as mine. It's moot.

    It's all preferences. If you know what you're doing, IE works just fine. If you don't know what you're doing, you're probably not using IE and you're probably not well protected.

    If you're proactive with your computer, you won't have a problem.

    So what does all this mean in the end?

    Either way you go, if you're not proactive, you're going to get spyware.

    So lets not bother arguing what's better, might as well whip it out on a table and start measuring.
  3. And the bottom line is FireFox blocks more popups and has the tab feature. I'll stick with FireFox over a Microsoft product with known security holes - thanks.

    dj mojo =)
  4. IE7 will actually have tabbed browsing.

    Personally I'll stick with firefox.
  5. I think the stark reality is that as Firefox becomes more popular, there will be more holes found, so I think it's a tough call to actually say which one is ultimately better. I use both in case anyone wonders.
  6. Fable (Definition) - A fiction or half-truth, especially one that forms part of an ideology, usually widely believed but possibly just pulled out of one person's butt. While Firefox is a decent Web Browser, there are numerous Fables I spread around the Internet regarding it just so I can debunk them. Hopefully if I advertise this on every technology-related message board on the Internet under a dozen or so different names, enough people will click on my ads to make me filthy rich.
  7. Funny Stuff Fibble, thanks.

    Here are some updates:


    Performance Myths - Firefox Achieved 10% Market Share in 2005
    Security Myths - Firefox is More Secure by not using ActiveX
    Feature Myths - Firefox fully supports the most important W3C Standards

    As always read the sources.
  8. A lot of what that page says does ring true.

    I use IE at home. I don't have a problem with spyware or any other type of malware. Panda Platinum Internet Security takes care of that. It will catch spyware that tries to auto-install from some less-than-reputable web pages.
  9. that is all interesting, but I find approximately 0 spyware apps on my pc since I started using firefox. compare this to when I used netscape, or even better yet explorer...oh my! I'm not sure where that page got it's information or how it applies to me...fact is, firefox works for me...IE doesn't even compare. just 1 more flawed microsoft program if you ask my oppinion
  10. Flawed users... not flawed products.


    And yes, as Firefox gains momentum, you can be sure there will be more people out there searching for holes in it. It's not 100% secure... but then nothing made to go on the internet is.
  11. Quote:
    Firefox Myths

    You will be surprised at what you thought was true. :wink:

    I don't care about what is true or false.. I'm happily smart enough to make a decision by myself and not needing any web site or others source that might be biased or not.

    I don't know why, even if some peoples are not paid by a company to promote its product, some people become so tied with a brand and would have orgasm saying that such piece of software is crappy. If some like to masturbate over IE or Opera, then go ahead, but to me women are way better, IMHO. They could join the other fanboy clan that are masturbating over Intel, Ati, AMD, nvidia,... and have a massive orgy.

    I f***ing tired to be looked like an idiot that need others to make choice and cannot have opinion of myself. I will use whatever piece of hardware/software that will best fit MY need and not others.
  12. if you haven't found flaws in microsoft's products, you aren't using them right as it's very easy to find flaws in all of windows OS. how many times have you had to reformat or reinstall? of right now when I use firefox it works very well for me. when it starts to cause me problems I'll look for another solution. the reason I went to firefox was I was experiencing a lot of spyware problems with explorer, and netscape wasn't much better. I simply got tired of having to scan my pc all the time. that is no longer an issue, and the speed of the browser...I haven't really noticed much difference, but then I don't sit here with a stopwatch benchmarking my browser.

    the only spyware app you use is panda? you might wanna download a couple more and check it out, my bet is you'll find you're not as clean as you think if you only use the 1 spyware app, whether you pay for it or not.
  13. It's the only app I need to use. I have absolutely zero issues with spyware... and no pop-ups to be found.

    The last time I formatted and reinstalled was about a month ago... but I did upgrade my motherboard, CPU and hard drive... so I didn't have much choice in the matter.

    Of course, it really helps when you stay away from sites that are less than reputable. Porn sites and P2P sites are the two that frequently come to mind when it comes to malware finding it's way to your computer. Almost every case of spyware that I've seen has involved visiting one or both of these types of sites.

    (Of course, there are other sites; but if people would read what IE tells them instead of blindly clicking yes on everything that pops up saying it wants to install... there would be a lot fewer problems.)
  14. The whole thing is based on opinion and your browsing habits.

    I use IE. I don't have any problems because I make sure my antivirus is updated and spyware areas are blocked, along with watching what sites I go to.

    Firefox has it's advantages. It's new, it's not the market share. Like any business, you always target the larger market.

    I'm sure it works fine for you. IE works fine for others. It's really just a wash.

    But, eventually Firefox will have the same problems plaguing it as IE currently has by holding the majority of market shares.


    Either one is fine. I don't have a reason to switch off IE. Firefox doesn't really offer me anything new aside from tabbed browsing which doesn't really do it for me that much.
  15. Quote:
    The whole thing is based on opinion and your browsing habits.

    Stop surfing porn and that'll get rid of 90% of spyware :wink:

    Seriously though I use both. Though once IE gets the tabs i recon i'll use that more often.
  16. I sign on with netscape and within minutes of simply browsing(no porn involved at all) I've picked up a number of tracking cookies. the performance of my system isn't noticeably reduced, but reduced it is. and that's only minutes after I've gotten on.

    matter of fact, I just reformatted my system about 2 weeks ago, and hadn't even installed netscape, as I'd noticed the problem before I reformatted and simply decided to do without.

    there is gonna be another user on my system for a bit in the near future so I decided to install netscape for them as that's what they prefer to use. by the time I had the browser installed and configured, I had already picked up 5 tracking cookies.

    and I found these cookies with spyware doctor. I also use yahoo toolbar anti-spy and lavasoft's ad-aware. these 3 apps consistently detect spyware that the others don't get. when I'm using either IE or netscape I almost always have spyware that I wouldn't detect if I wasn't using all 3. the tracking cookies won't noticeably subtract from your pc's performance, but it's more than that to me, I don't need somebody knowing what I'm doing on my pc.

    so...only using 1 spyware app and assuming that you know what you're doing is fine for you...but it's not fine for me. I have done my research and prefer to keep my privacy. I also prefer to keep my pc's performance to myself as I like to game. I have themes, etc shut off and don't need tracking cookies taking any of what my pc can do, no matter how little it is.

    to each his own
  17. Quote:
    I sign on with netscape

    I just reformatted my system about 2 weeks ago, and hadn't even installed netscape

    by the time I had the browser installed and configured, I had already picked up 5 tracking cookies.

    I find it interesting. So you're using Netscape yet you attribute your problems to Microsoft, when in fact it's Netscape that's been causing you problems.

    I've been doing computers since I was little. Win 95/98/ME, yeah I had to format every so often because of problems.

    What you fail to realize- and I had this conversation with this arrogant girl last night - is that Windows is the cornerstone. Applications are built to work on Windows, not vice-versa. That means any problems you experience outside of using a Microsoft product, IE tracking cookies, spyware, etc, is not because of Microsoft but because of another program/tool/software/etc.

    The discussion I had with this girl last night was that "Windows 2003 Server is unstable and unreliable." I stated that it's a very secure NOS out of the box because everything is disabled. Her argument was that when she designed a webpage people could access the Win2k3 Server and that Frontpage crashed as a result.
    Frontpage is not Windows 2k3 Server. It's a different app, but it's Microsoft none-the-less. Further questioning reveals she doesn't know how to secure her webpages, she didn't do things right and her ASP coding was flawed which resulted in the crashing of a Frontpage Extension.

    So was it Microsoft's fault? No. Too often Microsoft takes the blame because it's the cornerstone.

    People must realize that Windows is built before the software is created. The software is designed to run on Windows, not the other way around. Holes opened because of poor 3rd party Apps is not Microsoft's problem. Though, Microsoft tends to be the one to fix a lot of problems.

    The fact is Windows 2000/XP, standalone, without using a 3rd party app is very realiable, very stable. It encounters problems when other applications interface into incorrectly, which opens problems.

    IE isn't that bad. Yes, Spyware effects it because people have reverse engineered IE (since it's what, 87% of the market share?) and target it's coding. There isn't much you can do about that without limiting it's functionality.
  18. I don't assume I know what I'm doing, I KNOW what I am doing. Big difference.

    I also use my computer for gaming... so performance is important to me. Trust me... I notice when my performance starts degrading... and since I switched to PPIS, I haven't found a need for any other spyware app. I used to have Spybot, Adaware and MS Antispyware installed in addition to Panda, but they never seemed to find anything out of the ordinary.

    Yeah, I've got a few cookies, but those I don't really care about. I can eliminate them if I want... it's not rocket science, and I don't need a spyware app to do it for me.
  19. some of them are TRUE, but firefox can just be controled better, u have access on levels that MS would never allow u to get them on IE
  20. did you even read my post? I just installed netscape. I do not use netscape, it's for another temporary user...duh!

    and I believe the OS should be equipped to handle the "trash" it accumulates. windows is a dirty OS, as it accumulates a lot of unecessary trash in the way it operates. since when is IE not a microsoft product?

    best part is, it's even a moderater that incorrectly interpreted my post
  21. iv seen and used IE7 (in vista) and you may as well call it microsoft firefox 7 its so dam alike - from middle mouse = open in new tab right down to the do you want to close the tabs before you close option.

    I used IE for years and im usin firefox for now cause IE siht' its self - instead of reinstallin im usin firefox.

    Mate of mine (who prolly looks at porn sites or crack site or some sus crap he doesnt know hot to "navigate" through) cops siht' in a week on a fresh install and i have to fix the dam thing up everytime - he aint use firefox, but he sure gets siht' from the net, its ends up the spyware apps (3 or more) running slow down the computer more then the harmfull apps and they dont help any anyhow.

    The internet isnt a safe place for uneducated (less educated) people i guess

    Forgot to add with security - sure firefox seems to be less prone to spyware etc, but if it becomes bigger, then the spyware etc will target it and ud prolly find more would get though then IE (cause microsoft has to cover its ass)
  22. The only reason I use firefox is because when I reinstall, I only have to move the firefox folder that is in application data to a safe partition, reformat, reinstall, reinstall firefox, move the firefox folder back to application data and none of my plugins, setting, addon, ... is lost.

    My mailer does just that. I still have to loose anymail when I reformat or backing up anything.

    Some poster here should look further that the security. nothing is safe on the internet. usability is what matter much more to me...
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