Antec vs. Corsair

I need a new PSU for my 8800 GTS. I want one of the following two models.
- Antec TruePower Trio 550 EC or
- Corsair HX520W

The best..?
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  1. Corsair, hands down. Antec has a recent track record of instable currents and just plain blowing up. Corsair's is basically just a SeaSonic PSU, and aside from PC&P, they're pretty much the best company around.
  2. I love my S12 600 Watt and I love my M12 500 Even More!

    Get with the Times Go Modular!

    I use antec alot in the systems I build but those power supplys are just O.K. I use them cause thay come in the case for a reasonable price. I bought a Neo 550 it was DOA and the Warranty Sticker was broken like some one at Antec (It was wraped in celophane) replaced the fuse and sold it again.

  3. Corsair 520HX, just got one installed in my Ante 900 case and he modular cables were great and it looks like a good quality unit. No way to really test it but its twice as quiet as the Antec Smartpower 2.0 i was using.
  4. if you are looking for something quite go with corsair

    if you don't mind the noise, both psu will do you good.

    I personally own the trio 550W and the 12cm fan is not as quite as I thought it would be. (It's not loud, but not silent)
  5. Quote:
    Interestingly enough they are both made by Seasonic and are based off similar Seasonic models. Although the Antec NeoHE and the Corsair are more closly related. The Corsair and NeoHE are basicly Seasonic's M12 line while the Trio is basicly the S12 line.

    Are you sure that particular Antec model is a SeaSonic OEM? I thought the TruePowers were not. They have a lot of bad ratings and reports of failures to be made by SS.
  6. the new corsairs come with a 5 year warranty.
    that is something to think about.

    either one you choose should work fine.

    i have a 2 year old antec tp2.0 that has pushed 68gt,s in sli
    and is currently pushing an 8800 card.

    my brother has the corsair 520watt and he is happy with it.
  7. in terms of warranty, the antec also comes with 5 year warranty.

    I say both psu's will do you fine.

    What you should really consider is price. The antec is $20 dollars cheaper. And, actually antec trio has 42amps on 12v rail while the corsair has 40amps.

    Like what I said earlier, if you don't mind the noise Antec would be a better solution.
  8. Quote:
    Are you sure that particular Antec model is a SeaSonic OEM? I thought the TruePowers were not. They have a lot of bad ratings and reports of failures to be made by SS.

    he is correct, the trio/neohe are seasonic, the old TP2 series are channel well, the basiq is fsp. The smartpowers are the reason for their bad rep.

    "Power supply failure rate" - (link)"]Today, we obtained the failure rate of power supplies recorded by a major French e-commerce. These statistics include products in shops since the first April 2006. At least 100 units of each product listed below have been sold. Statistics per brand are based on a minimum sample of 500 units:

    Fortron: 0.7%
    Hiper: 1.2%
    Seasonic: 1.4%
    Thermaltake: 1.6%
    Tagan: 2.8%
    Enermax: 3.0%
    Antec: 9.5%

    Fortron comes first in the list followed by Hiper and Seasonic. Thermaltake is next and is the last manufacturer to have acceptable failure rates. Tagan, Enermax and most of all Antec are above the limit. For Antec, the SmartPower 2.0 range including the 500, 350 and 400 Watts versions has very high failure rates: respectively 21.6%, 18.1% and 17.3%. Not a single product has a rate below 2% and the best one is the Neo HE 430 watts at 2.6%.

    So I would have no problem choosing a trio for budgetary reasons. I also have a TPII-480 in my game rig, got it for $70 shipped from provantage 8)
    Check out SPCRs tp3-550w review good results however the corsair tops it in both efficiency and noise (or lackof).
  9. Interesting, thanks for the info. Good to know Antec still sells decent products other than their cases.
  10. Thank you all for your replies. I think I go with the Corsair.
  11. Corsair :wink:
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