is it the graphics card?/ problem..

this morning my computer turned on a worked fine.. it wus only on or 10 mins i ran prime 95 left room for 2 minutes came back and monitor had no signal.. what could the problem be? is it a failure of the graphics card? or can it be the motherboard.. system was still on and fans and everyhting running.. but no signal on montior..

i turned it off and back on same thing nothing shows on monitor the light goes to yellow... help please.

gigabyte geoforce 7300gt 256 mb
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  1. that is a horrible question, provide more detail, including why you were running prime 95, also, prime 95 doesn't stress your gpu/vpu so i doubt it is broken
  2. ive been having a problem similar to this, this week. What i did to fix it is set my e6400 back to stock speeds and everything worked fine. I think it is a motherboard problem so i ordered a south and northbridge cooler.. but ill let you know my results on tuesday.
  3. well i was running prime95 just examine how my temperatures were and if my airflow and cooling was sufficient.. even tho i dont even OC.. but today i bought anew video card and plugged it in.. but its the same thing.. no signal to monitor.. nothing shows up.. no noises no nothing.. fans run and lights show in front panel.. so im thinking it has to be the motherboard... thanks for the reply/helpp
  4. Make sure the power supply is plugged into the cpu, my connection is left of my cpu.
  5. nah its motherboard.. i bought new videocard to test same results.. motherboard is the culprit..
  6. Ok, then you know what you must do, Send it to hell :lol:
  7. Hmm maybe its a dumb question but are you sure the monitor is ok ?
  8. was it the same videocard? cuz if so it might be that your psu cant provide enough power to the card.... if your psu is low wattage
  9. yeah the monitor fine i plugged it into another new LCD monitor same thing.. no it was a weaker video card .. i think its motherboard cuz it wus the system was fine only for 2 days then something happend wen i left the room for 2 mintues.. well has to be motherboard.. or i dont think i'd have to hold the button for 5 seconds to turn it off..
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