Ok, well, after a series of events I happened to come into contact with the Geek Squad's ultimate boot disk :D (the idiots left it in a laptop of my friend's that he wanted repaired) . After a little research I found out that this software is completely FREE!!! So without further delay, go to Ultimate Boot CD and download what geek squad uses (it will save you tons on money). Also, the Geek Squad doesn't even have the most recent version of it :lol: !

Please reply and tell me if this was useful to you :D .
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  1. They dont use Ultimate Boot disk

    i know cuz i work for them


    we use something called PC check, developed for geeksquad
  2. Yea butif your going to tell the whole thing tell about what they really use. and thats Geek Squad MRI V4.8 or newer.
  3. You are right they do use MRI but it is version which was left in my laptop. Geek Squad is just a bunch of over charging monkeys that know how to push a few buttons and the software proves it.
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