PSU for C2D E6600, GeForce 8800GTS, 2 HDD?

I'm not sure how strong the PSU has to be for a system with the following components:

- Core 2 Duo E6600
- Geforce 8800GTS
- Scythe Ninja
- CoolerMaster Blue Ice II
- 2 x 1GB DDR2 6400
- WD Raptor
- Samsung Spinpoint 500GB
- Some DVD/CD writer

I tried the PSU calculator site and it gave me something like 437 watt. I'm planning on overlocking to about 3GHz.

I'm looking for a PSU that will satisfy the need of 26A on 12V at 400 watts AND that is quiet! What would happen if the PSU didn't have the required 26A? says that those 26A are for systems with a C2D X6800.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. you should check out "psu reference list" made by mpilchfamily

    he has spent a lot of time preparing "High quality psu"list with reviews and specifications.
  2. Thank you for your replies.

    But I still have two questions:

    I have read that a GeForce 8800GTS alone draws about 14A to 16A. If I have multiple 12V rails and each of them alone does not satisfy that current, will my card be underpowered then? Do I have to make sure that at least one of my 12V rails has at least 16A?

    Is it not important how much watt the PSU can deliver if the total Amperage is at least 30A?

    Thanks again!
  3. Most psu's sold today are dual rail, meaning that the 12 volt consists of 2 rails, each one delivering the amps. Tho there may be 2 rails, each rail may not be equal in output, thus 30 amps total for both 12 volt rails maybe something like 16 amps o0n the 1st rail and 14 on the 2nd. Now, the connector on your gpu draws from one rail, while your mobo draws from the other. Going thru your mobo to your pci-e slot, your mobo allows up to 75 watts, which means 6+ amps. Adding the connector that goes to your gpu, you then are supplied with enough juice for your gpu. Just because your psu may be rated at say 500 watts doesnt mean that wattage ALL goes to the 12 volt system. Some goes to the 5 volt and still some more goes to the 3 volt (as well as the -3V and the -12V) So you want the combined avasilable out to your 12 volts rails, which waries from psu to psu regardless even if theyre the same wattage, both being 500 watts say.
  4. Thanks, that makes it clearer to me.

    I forgot that my video card draws power from my mobo and its pcie slot too. I guess I will go with a 430W PSU that has two rails with 20A each.

  5. No disrespect intended, but please do as the original response had suggested and read the "psu reference list" made by mpilchfamily. Mpichfamily is the resident guru of all that is power supplies - among other topics.

    If you want a specific suggestion, I have had no problem with my FSP FX600-GLN. It is overkill for many systems, however this is one of the quality manufacturers which mpilchfamily mentions.

  6. I have read his list, but I'm a software guy that ends up totally confused when it comes to hardware stuff like energy consumption and such.
  7. 500 Watts is usually enough and they get really good efficency at 90% Load. Modular cables are nice. A SLI Logo on the Box is a good indication of a good power supply.
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