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Would there be any problems with using 2 WD 150 Raptor x's and 2 WD 150 Raptors in a RAID 0+1 array. Thanks
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  1. Not if your MB supports it.
  2. yes, it's an Asus Striker Extreme, I just wondered if there might be a conflict.
  3. Your MB supports it. But remember this is a software raid so it will rob cpu power depending on what your are doing. Personally a single rapster will do. Then if you need more data space add a RAID 1. But everyone has opion on this.
  4. Gaming mostly, I have two 150 raptor x's and a Seagate barracuda 750gb. New Egg has a great sale on the standard 150 raptors, so I got the idea of running the x's and the standard raptors in RAID 0+1. Also is it possible to add the +1 to an already existing RAID 0 array? Thanks again
  5. You can add but I'm not sure if you will loose your data. Someone else will have to answer that question.
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