CNPS7000B-Cu LED replacememt

Hi guyz. I currently have the CNPS7000B-Cu LED as my cpu cooler. It does a great job at stock speeds and also with a mild overclock like 2000 to 2200 as my temps stayed around 33 idle. But now I pushed my cpu further at 2500 and 1.5vcore and now my temps are higher, like 42 idle. I wanna replace my cpu cooler with something better. What I like with the zalman is the quietness and the efficiency but I am opened to other brands as long as they are quiet and perform better than what I have right now. I was looking at the zalman 9500 and also Thermaltake Big typhoon. Suggestions ?

Thx !!!!!
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  1. I would suggest Tuniq Tower, Scythe Infinite or the Scythe Ninja. These three are pretty popular and are great cooler if you plan on OCing to the max.
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