Anti Virus Program Necessary?

I currently have Norton Antivirus, but was considering uninstalling it so that less resources are consumed and to free up HD space.

It has not really helped me in any way, the last time i got a virus was when i had activeX enabled, which i don't anymore since i use firefox. I also don't stupidly click on .exe files and the sort, so i couldn't get a virus like that.

So do you guys think it is necessary to have an antivirus program? should i keep Norton or can i ditch it?
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  1. It would be a huge mistake! They also protect against back door port intrusions, which you probably aren't even aware of.

    Norton is ponderous to a fault, but an excellent app for those with lots of space and a fast cpu.

    But, I strongly recommend Zone Alarm Anti-Virus. I feel it does just as good a job; is a whole lot less intrusive; and way smaller.
  2. well, i have a router, so i guess i have a firewall... so do i really need to worry about an antivirus program protecting me from these so called "back door port intrusions" since i have a router (firewall)?

    So since i have a router, can i get rid of my antivirus program?
  3. You still need the antivirus, just ditch the Norton as it's very intrusive and a resource hog. You could try Norman, it's very good and much leaner.
  4. In my opinion, Trend Micro's Pc-Cillin is by far the best one. Uses very little system resources and is better at detecting viruses and removing them. I have had bad luck with Zone Alarms software, They make an ok firewall, they dont know much about Anti-Virus yet.
  5. Avast also makes a great anti-virus program. I have used it for years and it is not a resource hog. best of's free!
  6. Speaking of free, personally, I like Grisoft AVG.
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