A new machine is born

Just finished installing XP pro a little bit ago and got drivers installed. Got the Lian-li 65b case locked and loaded.

I guess you all want the specs:

AMD Athlon X2 64 5200 +
Asus M2N SLI Delux
2x1 gig ram 667mhz (when the pocket book recovers, I plan to replace)
EVGA geforce 8800 GTS 640mb
WD 320gig SATA drive
DVD burner (previously had)
Keyboard and mouse (cheap, previously had, planned upgrade soon)
Monitor, a cheapo that will be replaced with 22widescreen LCD when I get the funds)

So far, so good should keep me pacified for a while I guess :)
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  1. Looks alright, how much did that system cost you?

    BTW what kind of RAM did you get? Corsair? OCZ? G.Skill? Details man.
  2. Oops.

    So far, I have about 1500 invested (got some stuff before price cuts)
    The ram in Kingston value ram (see, said it was cheap) Also failed to mention the PSU (ended up buying two because the first one would not power the card) A 700 ocz gamerXstream.

    Figure around the 2G mark before Im done
  3. Yeah that video card will drain alot of power, so that 700W will do fine. Even a 600W will power up that card.

    I guess for the RAM if you we're on budget then kingston would do just fine but I would of went with Patriot if you were on a budget. Once you get enough money buy a better RAM like OCZ or Corsair.
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