How to set WOL ?

Hi there guys
another question that i have yet to solve
i have a laptop and a desktop
i want to manage my desktop with my laptop. how can i turn on my desktop with my laptop with us being on the same network? the answer is WOL (wake up on lan).

now i dont have a screen nor keyboard on my desktop how do i set my network card to have the wake up on lan function on, most sites say it is set in BIOS (my network card is built into the mother board).

is there any other way or do i need to turn on WOL in the bios?

after i set WOL on my desktop
all i need to know is the mac address and i can use a program like WakeOnLanGui.exe and turn it on, i think my problem is that WOL is not turned on so i need to go to the desktop every morning before i can remote connect to it.

some one help
how do i turn WOL on ?
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  1. WOL must be enabled in the bios, and if its a card, a correct WOL cable from the card to the motherboard, and maybe hardware properties in windows for your nw card.
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