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I'm looking to replace my 8-yr old PIII system with something a little more modern. The new system is going to be $400, with some things reused from the old system (SATA drives, optical drives, etc.) System will not be for gaming or OC'ing. Must have front ports (audio, USB & IEEE1394) and be plenty roomy; I keep systems a while and continually upgrade them. I have $90 max in the budget for the case/PSU.

Currently looking at this:
Linkworld B319-C9928-P4 WNDW Silver Steel Mid Tower w/ 400W Power Supply -- its roomy and below budget.

However, there are so many cases and PSU's out there, any recommendations for a budget system would be welcome.
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  1. that is garbage, get this Antec NSK 4400 it is bundled with the seasonic-based SU-380 (scpr review link) that will be much better.
  2. Thanks doolittle. It looks great and is within my budget. However, I have a lot of firewire external drives, cameras, etc that I move around all the time. The lack of front audio I could get over; the lack of front IEEE1394, not so easy to drop....
  3. Sorry I missed that, maybe get it from directron for $60/74 shipped and budget for a 3.5" add-on panel like this ultra media dashboard for $8/15 shipped

    here is another one.

    a little more than 90$ though.
  5. Normally, I would never suggest getting a case bundled with a power supply - too many horror stories involved. Antec is probably the ONLY company that I would consider getting a bundle from. Antec builds some solid cases, and some good power supplies. The bundled power supplies from Antec are not the top of the line, but will last longer and be more reliable than most generics.

    The only downside of the Antec Sonata II from my view is that it only has one 120mm fan. It should still be OK for your use - since you shouldn't be pushing things to the limit of a gaming system - it is just one thing to consider. Good cooling will pay for itself.

  6. i have the sonataII and it runs pretty cool.

    i have a 6800gt card and the smartpower psu pushes it good.
    also have had 2 hdd,s and added another 120mm fan.
    but recently removed the extra fan and hdd.

    the extra fan didnt really help the cooling any though.
  7. Quote:

    Case looks good; PSU link didn't work but newegg referenced this one, so I assume its comparable to what you were originally referencing. Newegg reviews were very positive!

    I didn't really want to go with MIR's, but this looks like a good combo and in budget. I'll look around now for different prices...
  8. OK, I the best price I found was a ZipZoom:

    COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 CAC-T05-UW Mid Tower - $56

    Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC ATX 430W ($10MIR) - $42

    Thanks everyone for your help!
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