tips on a semi-professional VIDEO editing PC!

Hi. basically what I need to know is if there is a way to 'trick' your video card (example; geforce 7900gtx) into thinking it is a Quadro 5500 card, through bios flashing and drivers. they both use the same chip.

so is it a hardware thing that differentiates quadros and geforces or bios and software?

also im building a pc for heavy video editing, so if anyone can provide some tips...

cpu: intel e6600 2.4ghz 4mb cache
mobo: gigabyte 965 chipset, probably DS3 version
ram: 2 x 1gb ocz sticks at 800mhz (6400)
hdd: 1 tb of storage. probably seagate 7200.1 drives
gpu: geforce 7900gtx
and also a matrox rtx100 (got it real cheap).
probably a 450-500watt psu
and some case... whateva...
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  1. If memory serves, the GeForce series have the Quadro capabilities that are severed on the board itself, not based on software. I can't offer any help, that's the best I can say.
  2. thanks
  3. For video editing, your machine won't care if it's a quadro or a Geforce. Quadro's strengths are when using 3d apps like 3dsMAX or Maya.

    If you have the cash to spend on a quadro, for video editing you'd be much better served by upgrading to a faster processor.
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