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I noticed with the release of the Update Rollup 2 for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 it includes support for External DVD changers. I currently run DAEMON TOOLS V4.0.3 for a DVD emulator but it only emulates 4 separate single DVD drives. I am trying to find a way to emulate a 400 disk changer hooked up to my system so Media Center will play my .iso files stored on my hard drives (all non-copy write disks of course).

Does anyone know of any way of doing this?
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  1. Why not convert those .iso files to wmv and then play them in media center? First I would burn 2 copies each of those iso's on DVDs for archiving, then convert the iso's to wmv then delete the old iso's. If you don't know how to do that, ask.... There also might be a way of doing what you what with an XBOX mod hooked to media center......P.S.The extenal DVD changer setup for media center is a hardware solution for playing DVD disks...
  2. I found a link to http://mediacenter.mattgoyer.com/ and it helped me alot. I took my .iso file and converted it over to individual files with DVD Decrypter and saved them to a folder. I took all of my DVD Folders and put it into a single folder under "MY Videos" in "My Documents". Since Media Center looks for DVD's in the same folders that it looks for videos it finds them and shows them as DVD's in "My DVD's" in Media Center.

    Having said (and done) that, I still can't play them back on my Xbox MCE Extender. I like having all the extra's in the DVD's so I am thinking I am going to have to try to hack into my xbox with a Mod chip. Even with a hacked Xbox I haven't been able to find any software that would allow me to have my mce extender software in a hacked version that would allow me access to my DVD's

    Any Idea's on the Xbox thing
  3. You could try making / partitioning some multiple directories on the hard drives(s). *I THINK, each directory will need to run it's own independent OS and serial number (XP,Win98)..... Then install "simdisc" - http://www.simdisc.net/?file=index&lang=english - on each directory, this will give you up to up to 63 virtual drives for each directory you have. Use Windows NT/2000/XP for maximum number of drives (63) which also depends on the amount of available drive letters. In Windows 9x/ME, up to 23 drives). The folks at simdisc say all virtual drives can be accessed from anywhere on your LAN, just like real ones. I guess you would need a licences for each OS and simdisc for each directory, but I'm sure there are ways around this if one bends the rules, wink.. A Linux solution would still be sweet, but this is all I could find for now. Keep on posting to let us know how it all goes. ALSO: I guess there is still a glitch in Windows Media Player affecting all systems with more than one DVD/CDROM drive (including virtual drives, of course). If you want this feature you must bring the drive letters of your DVD/CDROM drives to the same order as listed in ASPI manager. To view this list start any burning program using ASPI (eg. CDRWin) and open device list. - Late
  4. I forgot, also, I don't know if MCE can access into these dirctories this way. (THAT'S THE BURNING QUESTION).... You would think one could, with the new MCE updates, BUT MS may have these networking features to work only with it's "partner" companies, like the XBOX. Overall, I like what you want here, it would be cool to access ALL of one's DVD ISO content through MCE. It would be cool to MOD the XBOX, to ad another case to it for extra hard drives to store all of our collections. Then it would be more portable. You could put A-B toggles on front of the "ad-on" case to access the drives. If you google around, there's is some stuff like this out there. If we get start getting into the XBOX mod thing though, we should start or look for another thread like: Ultimate Media Center / XBOX Mod..... Late
  5. Install "Pismo File Mount" (http://www.pismotechnic.com/pfm/ap/)
    Your dvd iso is mounted as folders instead of virtual drives.
    You can mount unlimited isos.

    Put this batch file at startup:

    for /f “tokens=*” %%a in (’dir/b/a-h’) do pfm mount “%%a”

    Make sure the shortcut "Starts in" the full path of the folder where your dvd iso is located.
  6. I am trying to get this to work on windows 7 and Vista and cannot in either case. I simply get an error stating: *" was unexpected at this time.

    I am no batch file expert, but it looks as if the "for" syntax may have changed with the newer OSs.

    Any help here?

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