xbox and linux - creating an NAS

anyone done this project as described? Anyone else have trouble with the permissions on the share? I keep getting permission denied when I try to browse to the share from a windows machine.
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  1. wow, I guess this forum is somewhat inactive. Well, if anyone wants to ask questions about the 'xbox into a NAS' project, I have done it and it appears to be working correctly.
  2. Well im curios what you get for doing that. i mean what reason besides just because you can.
  3. I am in the middle of this as well, and i seem to be having the same problem as you. I can not login to the share. thankx for your help in advance.
  4. In my case, it makes sense because my Xbox DVD drive stopped playing my favorite games. I had to find something else to do with the system. Seeing as I also had several 120 GB hard drives laying around, it just made sense that I would turn this into an NAS.

    Now I have a fileserver that is always on, remotely configurable, and has filesharing software on it that runs when I am not using my connection for anything else (during work hours and at night). Since this is the only thing this computer does, there are no wasted resources on this or any other machine I own.
  5. This is one of the many things that was left out of the tutorial.

    I had a problem with browsing to my share from windows after I created it. I could see it, but when I clicked on it, a username and password box would pop up. No matter what I typed, it would not let me in.

    Finally, I realized that SWAT by default is set to USER level authentication. I changed this to SHARE, and I was able to browse my share immediately.

    If this is your problem, then you just need to open SWAT (http://youripaddress:901), click on the GLOBALS button, and switch the authentication from USER to SHARE.

    If this isn't your problem, please provide more information.

    Are you using Windows XP?
    Is your windows computer in the same workgroup as your XBOX (right click on 'my computer', click 'properties', select the 'computer name' tab, click on the 'change' button).
  6. hey thankx alot i tried setting up user accounts and i do not know why but i did nt see that or notice any one else say to change that. thankx alot it works great now.
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