System Builder needs Good Remote Software ?


I'm looking to install a remote connection on the systems i build.

As i'm constantly having to walk people through basic tasks i would like to be able to just tell them to start a specific program then let me connect and do all the work.

I have tried with windows own remote assistance but half of the time i can't even connect.

I have over 150 sytems built and running, hence this software can't cost a lot... I want to install the server side on all these sytems then i can connect remotely from my Client side and carry out basic tasks... ie editing startup registry etc

Anyone know of any good free software for this... i've looked at some software but to install on so many machines would cost a fortune.


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  1. if their windows XP systems you can use RDP but the problem here is if they are on broadband and have router they need to setup port forwarding so you can connect.
  2. RDP would be good but its unrealistic of me to imagine that many of my end users would be able to port forward for themselves ???

    Many can't do the most basic of computer tasks so i'm stuck.

    Also... with so many users, and so many different routers/setups i'm sure it would be more of a headache then anything else.

    I'll just need to keep looking for something else.

  3. the problem is that it won't metter what software you use almost all of them will require port forwarding to be enabled.
  4. This is true of only some of my clients....

    after your response earlier i looked into a handful and found that none of them use routers... there all connecting through USB modems supplied by their ISP's.

    None of these modems require port forwarding for example, bt voyager 105, speedtouch 330 etc etc.

    I know i will eventually hit a user who does use a router and will have to call at his home to solve he problem but for the majority remote admin looks good.

    Now, the hunt continues... i've been looking at many of the vnc apps but have yet to try them ???

    Anyone know of anything else ??

  5. have you tried RDP it's installed my default on all Winxp Pro Installations. It is similar to Terminal Services. There is also SSH and any flavor of VNC. There are some commercial apps such as PC Anywhere, etc. I also belivev some flavors of VNC have a java based web interface as well.
  6. Yeah, VNC is looking good. Many Many versions though with many many different options ???

    Will be looking into VNC in more detail over next few weeks.

    As for RDP, i thought it was the same as Remote Assistance ???

    I'm now also looking into that... I see it is installed by default and have also just downloaded the client side. Will try it out and see if its any good.

    Thank You


    If anyone has anymore suggestions then please feel free to post.
  7. if your running windows xp pro. you should have it my default. it is normall in the start menu under

    Accessories -> communicatios -> remote desktop connection

    just run that, type in the ip or dns name of the remote machine and log onto it using a local account like administrator.

    you should then have the full access to it.

    Just a side not if the client has windows 2000 it won't be there, you would need to use something like vnc.
  8. I don't have it by default... i did a complete custom install on my own system but all my clients machines are typical installs hence why i downloaded it.

    I've got to look into using it in the next week or so as it would save having to get my clients to install a third party app on their systems.

    Again i thank you

  9. no prob, glad to help.

    to simplify things you may want to have them register for a free dns name at :)
  10. I use you favorite VNC and I pick a single random 10 digit number for all the PC's.

    If they use a router and want remote help ask them to temporarily connect directly to the PC.
  11. One of the best FREE remote desktop apps is called

    logmein. you can find them at

    They have the free version which as all you really need. but also, you can upgrade to their next level and get remote printing, file sharing and more!

    I have been using log me in for a year or soo and love it!

    Good luck and please let me know how you like it if you decide to try it!

  12. I use logmein as well. It's awesome. I use the free version. It is router independant, no port forwarding required. It has a little app that runs in the system tray (aka "notification area") that reports in to the logmein servers, so when you connect to it, it goes in via port 80. Works great!
  13. I know this post is getting a little old by now, but have you tried UltraVNC SC? This software was specially designed to pass through NAT and initiated by the end user. It is customizable with your business logo, script, etc. This is a GREAT tool for remote support for most all client versions of OS. It puts the end use in control as to when and who will be connecting to their computer, and the footprint is 166k with NO software or registry install or modify required.
  14. I recently started using that as well. In fact I came to this post to mention Ultra VNC's SC but someone beat me to it.

    The client downloads and starts the process and since the ports are opened from the inside (VNC viewer can listen for incomming connections) the fire wall issues are not a problem.

    Then you setup your remote software, forward the righ ports ...

    It doesn't even have to be Ultra VNC, you can use the Single Click setup to setup another service if you prefer.

    Anyway it saves someone a drive :), oh and the users does get a full warning and has to click as well as start the program in the first place so this can't be used like a trojan.
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