Onboard video wont shut off

I have an Asus P4G533-LA Mobo with Intergrated Intel Graphics which of corse sucks :lol:. So i decided to buy a graphics card to replace the onboard video.But since it has no agp i have to go with PCI :( .And I chose the best I could find which was the Voodoo 3 3000 PCI. I uninstalled the onboard and went into the bios.There i selected PCI as graphics choice.I then plugged in the Voodoo and turned the computer on and the monitor was blank 8O .So with the card still inserted,I pugged the monitor back to board and the monitor came back intered the bios, and i checked the setting and it was still pci :x .And to ad insut to injury the card was detected by Mobo :evil:.I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. I forgot to metion I tested the card on a computer with no onboard video and it workedwith no flaws.
  2. Apparently i forgot to plug in the P4 Power connector :oops:. Now it works and i`ve tested it and it runs great. But now I can`t run Project 64 :(. Oh well :).
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