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I was just wondering if anybody has tried using XP Media center as a workstation. I'm thinking about turning my current home desktop (XP pro) into a media center pc maininly so I can take advantage of the PVR in media center. Howver, i still need to use things like IIS... is IIS still available if you install Media center?

any thoughts are welcomed
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  1. I don't see why you couldn't. It uses the core of XP pro i believe. I plan on doing the same thing once i get an MCE box. What i'm curious about is using dual plasma's for displays. That way you could watch/record TV on one and use the computer on the other.
  2. Carnage Billy is right. Beneath Windows Media Center is Windows XP Pro. You can shut down or minimize WMCE to do what you want to do, if IIS needs the power.

    Otherwise, you can simply minimize WMCE to a window in which you can watch TV.
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