Best RAM for XBX2 with QX6700

Hi everyone,

I recently won an XBX2 with a QX6700 at a recent lan tournament and I am tottaly clueless on what kind of memory I should put on it...

Basically I want the best money can buy to give me the best performance possible for these parts. I intend to put 4 Gbit on it.

Thanks alot for your help!

P.S. I am not familiar with Intel configurations BTW I always used AMDs up until now.
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  1. and what's that 1:1 ratio thing that lowers the memory clock to match the FSB... isn't the FSB at 1066 therefore if the FSB to RAM is 1:1 both would run at 1066?

    Then I should be buying 1066Mhz RAM...
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