Upgrading my video card

I have p4ht 3ghz, 1 gig of ram and a fx5700(128mb version), and I just bought bf2. it runs a bit slugish so im thinking of getting a new video card. What one would you recommend for under about $150 CA?

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  1. Scince you are running AGP then I would reccomend a 7600GS. It is powerful enough to play BF2, yet uses so little power that you can keep your PSU.

    7600GS: $92

    CANADIAN: 7600GS: $166.99 (Which I think is complete BS)
  2. Little selection on the canadian market. :(

    For 93$ you get the X700 which IS better than the FX5700, though it's not extremely fast;

    Then for 164$ you get the X1650Pro which is quite faster than the X700, but a lot more expensive. Unfortunately the 7600GS/GT are overpriced, and the X8** are nowhere to be found.

    I'd not get the X1650Pro because you shouldn't invest much in a system that's living its last year of gaming or so. Get it a small upgrade and keep the rest for the full system upgrade next year. :wink:
  3. I would also recommend the 7600GS AGP 256MB DDR2 card but only get the EVGA version as it has core/memory clocks of 400/400MHz (800Mhz effective memory clock) which match the PCIe version of the card. Also the EVGA version has a lifetime warranty. An additional benefit of this card is that it doesn't require much power so you shouldn't need to get a new Power Supply (27W vs 24W for FX5700).

    The XFX and BFG versions have a much slower memory clock rate of 533MHz effective. The Leadtek has a 700MHz effective memory clock.

    The cheapest source @$C139.98 for the EVGA version seems to be Can Computer.

    BTW, I've used this card to play BF2142 on a P4-2.4 and it works well (40-100fps high/medium settings on 16 player map) so I expect that it would work well with BF2 also.

    BF2/BF2142 are memory hogs so make sure to unload everything possible (eg. browser, IM, etc.) to maximize the available memory for the game.

    Edit: added x1650Pro info

    The stock ATI x1650Pro performs slightly better but costs a little more about $150 from megacomputer.ca or pvconline.com and likely no lifetime warranty. This card needs 43W so may require a new power supply.

    Compare the cards in the Interactive VGA Charts but note that the 7600 GS is overclocked to 450MHz vs 400MHz stock so has a bit of an advantage. However, the 7600GS is a good overclocker and should be able to reach 450MHz core clock easily.
  4. Thanks, I do overclock my video cards, and I think I would need a new psu if I go with the Ati 1600. I know canadian prices are a bitch :(. I make shure to free up my ram when playing games.

    I got my fx5700 core from 300-470 and the memory 550-635.

    Thanks again!
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