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I just built a new computer, but my dumb ass brother lent someone my windows cd. his friends says he doesnt have it and its definitly nogt here. so im gunna buy another one soon. untill then i wanted linux, but ife tried suse linux on a dvd and cd's with both nero and alcohole 120 and like groton or somthing but nothing will install. I'm starting to think my hard drive is foulty or not hooked up but it shows of as primary master. so i just donno. any help?

I've never used linux befor, mostly because I'm a gamer. If companies would just release games for linux... well i know there are some but, you get the idea. (just so linux nuts dont hate me or somthing)
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  1. I'd love to help you out, but you should get more specific. For example:

    are you having trouble burning linux isos to disc?
    are you having trouble in the install process?
    are there any specific error messages you get?
    where exactly are you getting stuck?
  2. ok. I dont get any errors when i brun. when i innstall it starts and then just stops. the screen goes blank befor anything actully happens im pretty sure. so it like says "starting install" (or whatever) then it just goes blank. oh and on the greton one it says somthing like "error installing press f1 to restart" or somthing . thats not exactly it but on the off chance someone tryis to answer me befor i check it exactly
  3. What are your system specs?

    Semper Fi Linux on :D
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