I'm getting this on the blue screen after signing of of AOL (dial-up) any ideas why? I am using XP Pro SP. I know AOL sucks and I'm trying to switch, but I am having modem issues as well. Thanks for your help.
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  1. That is a DRIVER error.

    Your admittance of modem issues suggests that's the first place to look. The modem drivers.

    Are you convenient to another comp? If so, download the latest XP drivers for your modem model. Crack open the box to make sure of what you have. Install them - see what happens.

    Are you able to reach Safe Mode? If so, search for haspnt.sys & sentinel.sys and delete them. Uninstall AOL for now until you resolve the modem.

    Other possibilities are a parallel port security "dongle"; & video drivers.
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