need feedback to know if these system temps are ok

hi folks

been running a new home built rig for a few days now
680i mobo w/ sealant replacement on north and south bridge
8800gtx card
lian li midcase with 2 fans
etc etc

from within nvidia moniter, it is reporting the following system temps:
cpu- 59c, system- 36c, gpu1- 69c
at that point the system is formating/partioning my 2nd harddrive and windows is installing various updates

from within bios, i am getting the folowing after the rig has been running in bios for an hour or two on fairly warm day:
cpu 45c/115f
board 43c/109f
mcp 65c/147f

are these acceptable, and will they allow for safe overclocking of mobo and gpu down the road?
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  1. What processor are you running? They strike me as rather high for an idling C2D, if that's what you're using.
  2. ran prime95 for a few hours and get the following readings from nvidia monitor--

    cpu 61c
    system 40c
    gpu 73c

    rebooted and checked in bios--
    cpu 57c
    board 40c
    mco 54c

    how are these?
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