some mainly mobo/bios 'getting started' questions

so i've powered up my rig, loaded os & xp updates, drivers, and now wonder how to:

1) check to see that the cpu is rated as a E6600 at 2.4
2) check to see that the memory is set to auto or default
3) check to see if my seagate and raptor harddrives are sata 150 or 300
4) check to see if my mobo is SATA 150 or 300
(i have no idea what SATA 150 and SATA 300 are- speeds?)
5) set my min virtual mem to 3000 for 2 gigs

6) do i need to disable the SATA sockets i'm not using, and i assume this is done from within the BIOS?

7) how do i check timings as prescribed by the RAM menu and reset the RAM volts to the max suggested and lock it (and do i first need to find out what these max volts are?)

Cool finally, how do i tell what CPU driver updates, if any, i would need? i know how to do this for vid and sound cards, but wasn't sure if CPU driver updates are done similarly.
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  1. Do you have it running? If you can turn it on, let it run and look,listen and feel the system. Is it hot? Squelling? lights ALL working? Give it 10 minutes, then reboot and go into BIOS. Look at every choice on every section. Know what each one is saying, by looking in the manual or come back and ask here. That will get you very close. Then run a benckmark like 3Dmark06. That will show you what it read on each piece of the system. Come back if you see anything odd, and to tell us the "Marks".
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