Windows XP shut down issue

Hi need your experts' advice.
I have just reformatted my drive and clean installed the XP Pro SP2. After installed some of the common softwares(eg. Offices, Acrobat reader, Quicktime...) the computer just won't shut down by itself. It always halt at the screen shows Windows is Shutting Down....
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  1. See if ACPI is enabled.

    Start - Control Panel - Performance & Maintenance - Power Options.

    Click APM tab.
  2. By the way, my system is relatively old though:
    Athlon 900MHz
    Sis735 chipset mobo
    128MB PC100 SDRam (1xPC100 + 1xPC133)
    9GB HDD
  3. November 14, 2009. A connected USB device such as a card reader may be causing the problem. Try disconnecting the device.

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