New egg rip off

I bought a FoxConn Motherboard with 3 year warranty from New Egg. When it didn't work, New Egg said they can't replace it, and FoxConn says go to New Egg. When I try to use FOXCONN's RMA website, it is just a run around. Each screen leads you back to the last - WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY FROM FOXCONN OR NEW EGG?
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  1. A NewEgg rep occasionally stops by the forums here and gets things resolved. Hopefully they'll see your issue and get it taken care of.
  2. Are we talking about a standard warranty that comes with the mb? If so after like 30 days its all on toxconn.

    Or is this an extended warranty purchased for extra? If so who is it through? Does it apply now or after thenormal warranty expires?

    All good questions you must know. If you arent sure then ask newegg to help explain things.

    We buy from newegg because they are fast reliable and customer service is great.
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