8800 gts issues

I have vista/64 and am using foxconns 8800gts 640 mb card. playing online or single player Ive noticed while raising the players head up and down I see a horizontal distortion line accross the whole screen. Am wondering if its the card or vista?
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  1. looks like a driver issue, which driver have you got latest whql or beta (try beta maybe it'll fix the issue). also make sure you got the latest patch for the game that you're having issues with.

    P.S.: if you're a gamer why did you get vista x64, it's to early (driver and support wise) to game in vista. if you can, dual boot xp and play your games in xp.
  2. I tried the drivers from uguru but they locked up the computer. I play hl2 deathmatch online which has no patch. They just do steam updates. Also, its not on every game, just some which makes me think its the game itself. Oh, I have the latest drivers from nvidia
  3. game and/or drivers and/or vista
  4. Yea your right about 64 but its so darn fast its hard to resist. hopefully a service pak soon.
  5. what does the 3d mark06 do by the way?
  6. it's a benchmark app which allows us to compare scores and basically measure e-penis
  7. oh, ok. thnx, I keep seein it alot on the forumz.
  8. no problem

    vista hater out 8)
  10. that's a bit extreme, he can dual boot
  11. Yeah i guess :(

    I hate DUAL BOOTING !!! :lol:

    nah but i know what you are saying although 64 vista :?: gaming 8O i guess it could work :roll:
  12. i'm saying he can keep vista for looks or whatever the reason may be and game in xp
  13. I agree :D , that would be the complete solution as long as the computer remains stable .

    Different strokes for different Folks :lol:
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