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For some reason, whenever I try to play some type of media or even live radio only off certian sites it does nto work. When I go to on Internet expolorer, and click to watch news clips. It opens a second window but nothing plays. No video or audio. However, when I open AOL and use the AOL browser to go to, it works. Is it java, flash? how can I fix this.. thnx
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  1. I've had similar problems before that I've fixed with IEFix, which tries to reinstall some core IE files. I believe IEFix was originally designed for Windows 98 because running it on my XP computer, it asked for the location of a few files to reinstall that I had no copy of. Googling the files revealed that they were 98-era files. However, you can just cancel the browse dialog and it will skip over those files.
  2. Get rid of AOL. Always seems to cause people problems.

    I know you probably cant do that but AOL is known to cause problems
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