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ok im working on my old computer, and just reformatted it to rejuvinate it a bit. as windows was installing, it asked for me to input the windows xp sp2 cd. so i check to make sure i do, and of course, i do. so i click ok, and it says that it needs the file 'asms' on the cd, and asks for me to point it to the right directory (D:I386). so i go on my other computer to make sure that it is the right directory. and it is.
I cant reformat the computer, becuase no matter what i change in the BIOS, it always boots to the HDD first now, because it wants to finish installing.
i know my cd rom is working properly, as i have just recently installed games on it using the cdrom. i have also tried using both my real xpsp2 cd, as well as my backup one, and both are scratchless, and display the same message.
i was wondering if any of you wonderful people at THGForumz could help me out. thx

System Specs:
Asus CUV-NT mobo
384MB 100MHz SD RAM
Radeon 7000 64MB PCI
D-Link 10Base-T PCI NIC Card
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  1. You have CD-ROM first in boot order and it still doesn't give you the option to boot to CD? Any options during boot like F12 to boot from (where F2/Del to go into Setup/BIOS would be)?
  2. Nope. No matter what I do, I cant boot from the CD ROM. I have even tried to disable booting the hard drive to eliminate it from booting, but then get a "BOOT DISK FAILURE" message.
    I've been able to boot from it before, like when i was trying the live version of Ubuntu linux, and even reformatting this same computer a while ago, but now, it won't because it wants to finish setting up windows.
    And as for the options at the beginning, all I have is "Press F1 to enter Setup".
    Which I do, then go to the BOOT section, have CD-ROM first, Floppy second, HDD third, and other last. I have tried moving the HDD everywhere from 2nd to last, and still have the same problem.
    Any other suggestions you can think of?
  3. I can give you a quick solution to stop the hd problem. Later in this post.

    But, I'm dumbfounded that you don't get "Press any key to boot from cd" message that lasts for about 3 seconds right after the cursor only (upper left corner) black screen. This occurs immediately after POST.

    I've done literally thousands of manual XP installs, and I have always seen that message in each case.

    You have to humor me on two things. Assuming you have a friend or an acquaintance who has a computer, I would like you to do the following: take your XP install disc and your Rom drive to that comp.

    1. Power up, go into BIOS and make sure cd drive is first in the boot order. Pop in the disc, and come out of the BIOS. Assuming the cd takes over, see if that message happens. If it does, your XP disc is okay.

    2. Shut down, open the box, and "temporarily" unplug the cables from his Rom drive and plug them into yours. This will only take a minute - one of you manually hold the drive. Put a piece of paper between your hand and the drive. Power up, and quickly pop in your "okay" disc. If the cd takes over, and you get the message - then your Rom drive is okay. If no message, and it boots up to his desktop, your CD-Rom drive is bad. It happens sometimes - they just suddenly die.

    My educated guess is the #2 problem. Your machine is going right to the hard drive, where the unfinished install wants to pick up.

    Assuming you replace the Rom drive (and your XP disc is okay), I recommend that you start over. I wouldn't do the SP2 bit during install. Fire it up after you get your desktop. But that's another thing. I've never seen an install program ask for an SP2 cd during the process. Someone enlighten me on that one.

    Get your hands on a 98 boot disk, put it in the floppy drive and fire up your comp with nothing in the Rom. Don't opt for cd support. When you get the "A" prompt, invoke fdisk - yes to large drive support - delete the NTFS partition. Remove floppy; pop in the XP and reboot. (Please tell me you have a floppy drive; or at least the capability to put one in.)

    As the install proceeds, you will eventually have the option to re-partition & re-format.

    Another tip: mark down the version of your BIOS and your mobo model#. Go to the makers' web site and get that mobo's latest BIOS if you don't have it. Carefully read instructions for this installation. Our friend, the floppy drive, is the best way to do this.

    What version is the XP install disc? Is it OEM? Does it have any patches included?

    Please get back to us on all this stuff.
  4. ok thank you for such an in depth answer.

    first of all the press any key to boot from cd <I>did</I> occur in the initial reformat/installation. but after it rebooted and started to install windows, the message saying insert windows xp sp2 cd in occurs. regardless of what i do(hard reboot/soft reboot) after POST, it immediately has the Windows XP loading screen come up and then goes into the setup, and continues to ask for cd.

    I have tried different CDROM drives (2 - 1 CD-R and another CD-ROM,both with same affects)

    I have also tried booting from cd on the computer im using now(family computer) and it works fine. so the cd is alright.

    to answer your question about the type of windows, it is Windows XP, SP2 OEM CD. I have used it before to reformat this very same computer, without any hassles.

    Now, as for the floppy drive, I would have done that, <B>BUT</B> both floppy drives i have do not work. One will not allow the computer to start up, and the other one seems to work, but wont read any disks. I have the windows 98 boot disk from ages ago, so im gonna see if i can get my hands on another floppy drive to try it out.

    thx again for your tips and help
  5. UPDATE:
    I managed to get a hold of a <B>working</B> floppy drive, and used the windows 98 boot disk to delete the parition. Now everything is fine again. I'm installing XP again, and hope that it doesnt happen again. I'm also using a separate DVD-ROM just to be careful.
    Thank you guys for all your help and support. i love it here at THG
  6. We love happy endings.
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