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Hi there, i'm building a new PC and i'm trying to decide to get 1gb or ram or 2gb. i will install winXP 64bit. will i notice a difference between 1 or 2gb of ram? anyone know what the requirements and recommended HW setup is for it?
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  1. It depends on what you're doing with your computer as to whether you'll benefit from 2gb over 1gb. For a lot of people it's overkill. If you're doing some big time gaming the 2gb might be of benefit. In some cases however, it is a detriment. Perhaps you should check out the Memory forum in the Hardware section, as this topic does get discussed rather frequently. WinXP 64 will certainly do fine on 1gb.
  2. 64bit isn't in full swing yet. You might see some problems.

    Depends on what you're really doing with your computer. If you're doing intensive stuff like new games, photoshop, 2GB wouldn't be bad. 1GB isn't bad but if you can afford to swing 2GB, go that route.
  3. If you got the money go for it :P If not, it's not that big of a deal
  4. There will be a fairly big difference of 1GB and 2GB on Wxp64 you must remember the Wxp64 runs a lot faster than the old Wxp32. I would if i was you put 2GB in' you would see the difference a lot more that if you put 2GB into Wxp32. :D
  5. Yo

    Toms did an article a while back on this.
    Was quite interesting.

    In most benchmarks there was no difference at all. That was mostly games, though. I think in certain apps, ones working with large files, such as adobe premiere, you might notice a difference.

    What I did see a difference in though, was memory speed. I had DDR2-533 in my machine. Then I sold and got DDR2-666 (I know it's 667, but this looks better :twisted: )In 3DMark2005, I could actually see a surprizing difference.

    True also that 64 bit aint too rosy yet. I had lots of troubles, so I'm running normal xp pro again.
  6. Yes these tests were done on Wxp32 not on Wxp64 i think lol :wink:
  7. Quote:
    In some cases however, it is a detriment.
    I'm curious. Other than cost, how can 2GB be a detriment? Well, okay, maybe if you do 4x512 instead of 2x1024 you might have timing issues, but is there anything other than that?
  8. Quote:
    Yes these tests were done on Wxp32 not on Wxp64 i think lol :wink:

    That's absolutely right. Tom's test was solelyon Win XP 32bit.

    I've been trying to get various sites, including Tom's, to do a review that compares Win XP with Win x64 in different memory configurations.

    For instance, does Win x64 handle 2 GB memory better than Win XP? Or what is the performance difference between Win x64 and Win XP with 4 GB memory?

    For some unknown reason, all expressly refuse to do so. I suspect that tech review sites are afraid of the results. In other words, nearly all tech review sites including Tom's have suggested that Win x64 is not worth the change and have recommended users not to change. So, their credibility is at stake.

    Well, from the literature I've read, Win x64 is designed to handle larger chunks of memory than Win XP. In fact, the maximum amount of memory that Win XP can access is 4 GB.

    The first tech review to conduct such a memory performance comparison between Win XP and Win x64 will be making history and will probably make waves throughout the pc community.
  9. what I wanna see is a 64bit 3dmark.

    I have seen a SLI 6600gt configuration score less points on WinXP 64 than on XP, due to WOW.

    For these tests and benchmarks, you'll need two different programs, one 64 and one 32 bit. they'll have to do the same thing, and rate them relevantly. Otherwise the scores won't be accurate.
    This is difficult to explain. but I hope you understand.
  10. actually there is a site that does a good test on win32 vs win64 but i can't seem to find the artical now. i read it the other day and basically win64 has an advantage only in certain situations. but generally there is not much difference between win32 and win64. this test was done with 3 memory configurations: 1) 2x512mb, 2) 2x1gb 3) 4x512mb.
    i'll look again when i'm at work and i'll post it.
  11. 1

    here is some information I found on comparison benchmarks
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