Windows Media Player 10 Freezing. Help

My windows media player 10 is freezing eveyrtime i try to use the "open file" option under the file menu. May this be because i deleted the last known directory it has saved so it doens;t know whta to do?

Please i really want to use the player.

another thing. I was goign to reinstall it btu when i went to remove it under the "Add/remove programs" in control panel. It just removed it for that list. But it is still installed on the computer.
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  1. Often, an uninstall will leave the folder, which is in anticipation of bringing it back.

    Good procedure to follow when deleting a problematic app is to reboot right after uninstall before you re-install.

    Answer to your first question is yes.

    Just re-install. You should be okay.
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