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Help :!: I am stingy and don't want to get another antivirus subscription for my gaming set up that i just built. How can i configure so that antivirus software in my current computer will reliably protect my gaming set up when logged on the net. Thanks for ideas if any. btw, i got windows xp pro on one and home ed on the other.
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  1. Myself, and many of my customers use Zone Alarm Anti-Virus.

    $30, 1 year - $55 for 2

    It's light, unobtrusive, quiet and just plain works great.

    There'll be some other fellas along soon, who will tout some freebies as well. My experience has been to pay to get something better.
  2. I use Grisoft AVG. It's free, and it's worked better than my wife's copy of Norton. Who could ask for more?
  3. I'm using the free version of Avast! ... have used it for over two years and love it. Used to use AVG, but they have problems with their free version update servers. Many here use Avast and I've never heard of a problem ... but there are some excellent AV programs out there, so I can't really see a reason to pay for one.
  4. THanks! Freeware AV that's as is just as commercial AV! Great, i think that's more to my benefit in my current set up. I'll look into them . THanks again for opinions.
  5. Quote:
    Used to use AVG, but they have problems with their free version update servers.
    They have? I've been using Grisoft AVG for over a year (ye gods, maybe even two by now) and I haven't ever had an update server problem. The only problem that I had was a bug in the first version I used that, over time, would bring the system to a crawl in some games. Exiting the game and starting it up again would fix that. And then that bug was fixed. No problems since. :D
  6. so whats the best cheapest virus scanner i can get me hands on?

    what bout server environment?

    I own NAV2005 and its dam heavy and i downloaded a shonky copy of NAV2006 to see how it was and that was even worse so no more norton for me!
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