Tom's Jukebox upgrade, small problem.

I have a problem with Tom's Jukebox upgrade.
I actually bought the winhex program, I successfully managed to hook up the original Jukebox 6Gb drive to the computer and even managed to clone the 65536 sectors to an image-file. After that I reinstalled the original drive just to check everything was still ok. And it was.
Ok, so now I hooked up the IBM 20Gb upgrade drive. And Winhex keeps displaying error messages when writing to the drive. Since I have an ABIT K7Traid I tried the procedure on both the ATA-100 and the ATA-66 interface, with some very slight improvement on the ATA-66 interface (seemed much more fluent when reading the original drive, and one of the error messages when writing to the new drive disappeared). Next I am going to try this on another computer with good old Win98 instead of ME, but I have little hopes.

So what is my question? Does anybody recognise this? and have an idea what can be wrong (I don't want the actual 20 Gb drive to be faulty, so please do not suggest that... :-) ). I am completely new to Winhex, so I might miss out on something important...I quickly found the default 15 MB limit, that was causing some initial troubles, and increased that. I might have overdone it though, I set it to 300MB. Any ideas welcome!

Best regards
Bo Eriksson (Private) (Work)
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  1. Ok, the clone-disk problem was due to the reg-code I recieved for my registered Winhex was faulty, with that corrected it worked out fine with the cloning, Now the 20Gb drive does boot in the Jukebox, but when I try and format it hangs on the last selection screen. Also if I try to boot it, without formatting, it will hang during file library set-up. Can this be due to that I upgraded the BIOS prior to cloning the original 6 GB drive? I will put the original drive in again and downgrade to an older BIOS and try the procedure again, but I am afraid that the real problem might be in power requirements of the new IBM 20GB drive. Hope not... Anyone that has any thoughts and/or insights on this matter?

    Best regards
    Bo Eriksson (Work) (private)
  2. You might want to cross post this to the Hard Disks group on this forum. Just an idea.
  3. Ok, I havn't been here for a long time. But I realized that this info might be missing here. I successfully upgraded my Jukebox to 20 GB using the Toshiba MK2016GAP. I had to switch to Toshiba because it will probably not work using the IBM travelstar 20 GB. I know of 5 different failures using the IBM (Not counting mine!) and 1 success. That isn't exactly promising figures. I used exactly the same procedure to upgrade both the IBM and Toshiba drive. The IBM didn't work, the Toshiba did... End of problem (for me).

    Best regards
    Bo Eriksson (Work) (private)
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