Windows 7 problem after installing


i have problem
i just finish to installing the windows 7 but before he want to upload i get error. "windows could not finish comfiguting the system, to attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer'
i did restart but i got this message again .. some know what i need to do?
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  1. probably easier using the winhec 6956 edition from piratebay that just auto installs start to finish.
  2. installing windows 7? ;o is it like beta testing of some sort? i heard the os suppose to improve battery life on laptops, my netbook current battery life is 5.5hrs
  3. well its meant to have a more intelligent window management so you can have lots of windows open and only the foremost window takes up resources, rather than vista which gives each and all of them resources.

    i would actually be interested in a battery comparison if ya feeling up to alvine? (hows the 4850 btw?)
  4. Go back to Vista.

    7 is still pre beta and full of bugs.

    It wont even let me install my mobo drivers from the mobo CD.

    I'll try again on the real beta.
  5. First of all, your using an illegal copy of it

    Second Windows 7 isn't a person so it isn't a He

    Basically... don't install and it and you won't have any issues

    and don't come crying to forums about it because you used an illegally obtained pirated copy that is full of bugs
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