Teams you love / hate for no obvious reason...

The rant:

Most of the time, when someone likes a certain sports team, it is because they are somehow associated with that team's home. For example, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and most of the people I know, including myself, like the Packers, Brewers, Bucks, <insert Wisconsin sports team>. Likewise, I am not shocked when I go visit my relatives in Illinois and time and time again hear about the Bears, White Sox (they live on that side of town) and Bulls, or talk with my co-worker from New York about the Giants and Yankees (yes, not the Jets or the Mets). The same goes with the correlation between hatred and cross-town / conference teams. Most people seem to root against who they have to compete with.

Every now and then though, you meet someone from Dallas, Texas who loves the Seattle Seahawks, or find yourself in a bar hating on a college basketball team you just discovered this year. It's interesting, to me at least, how these feelings come to be.

The question:

What sports teams do you love / hate for no obvious reason (ex - home team / cross-town rivalry)?

My answers:


Cincinnati Bengals - Love 'em (I always felt bad for this team, got killed in the Super Bowl years ago, my grandpa also once lived in Cinncinnati)
Oakland Raiders - Hate 'em (I liked them until I heard too many people complain about the owner)


Phoenix Suns - Hate 'em (Charles Barkley annoyed me until he retired, also, the Suns have come close, but have never won an NBA Championship, always let me down)


Buffalo Sabres / Edmonton Oilers - Love 'em (When I was a kid I decided that these two teams had the "coolest" nicknames)


Notre Dame - Hate 'em (Their appearance in every preseason polls hurts me more and more every year)
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  1. Sports teams I hate for no obvious reason? No, I have obvious reasons for hating them, actually.

    I hate the Titans.
  2. Love:
    Edmonton Oilers: I got into hockey watching The Great One. 'Nuff said there.

    Jacksonville Jaguars: lived there for 6+ years. Usually a very gritty team. Like the coaches' (past and present) discipline. Like cats. I'm ready for Feeding Time!

    Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: I'm class of '83. Yeah, last weekend's game sucked, but no one is as good as the Bulldogs at taking an opponent from behind.

    Florida Gators: The aura of Spurrier remains. He was hated, but he was good and he was right. They regularly chow down on the Georgia Bulldogs. Nothing bites worse than a Florida Gator.

    Used to love:

    Baltimore Orioles: I grew up in Baltimore. There will never be another Brooks Robinson. Is there anyone playing today with half the class Cal Ripken had in one finger? Earl Weaver was a genius. The entire sport has since been smirched, and team identity is a thing of the past.

    Baltimore Colts: Johnny Unitas has been statistically left behind, but in his day, quarterbacks still took hits. I've met him; class act. No primadonnas back then either.

    New York Rangers: Mark Messier was a captains' captain. He talked the talk, and could also walk the walk, whenever necessary. The team has since been tainted by Eric Lindros, the sorriest example of a NHL captain ever; great 3rd-line center, but nothing but ego after that.

    Tampa Bay Lightning: Very promising team, then they unloaded too many better players, and the Thunderdome became the Chunderdome. Yes, they finally turned it around, but by then I was no longer living in FL and had moved on.

    Maryland Terrapins: Lefty's taint remains. The year Tech joined the ACC, they sucked, but beat Maryland. The first time, Lefty's remark was "that's the kind of thing that ruins college basketball." Real sportsmanship. Tech beat the Twerps again, and this time Lefty's remark was "I don't care if the whole city of Atlanta goes out and gets drunk!" So yeah, there's quite a taint on them.

    UGA Bulldogs: Rival to Tech. Damn that mutt is ugly. Cheap shot (helmet to the back) on Eddie Lee Ivery ('78?) still smarts.

    Tennessee Titans: rival to Jax. Egotistical players. He certainly didn't deserve to be murdered, but I didn't like McNair at all. Vince Lombardi or Don Shula would have thrown Pacman Jones out of the locker room.
  3. Onus said:
    lived there for 6+ years.

    Now you know why I hate the Titans.

    Been there for over 20 years now.
  4. I don't hate any Team because I am great fan, I only love to watch the matches. It does not matter that which team is playing. I am also agree that Fans have their own team and reason to like.
  5. Maclaren F1 - even if they are english... cant stand the cocky arrogant twats they have for drivers :)
  6. ulysses35 said:
    Maclaren F1 - even if they are english... cant stand the cocky arrogant twats they have for drivers :)

    :lol: I thought this was for SPORTS teams. IMO, it has to require some athletic talent to be a sport.
  7. MANCHESTER UNITED...................... I support them since 2002 and still don't know why. Just love watching them play!
  8. cowboys >:(
  9. I don't hate sports - I always go for any type of games.
  10. Quote:
    All the teams in the NFL

    Its sports be a man you don't need body armor!!!

    The only people that ever say that are people that have never tried football at a high level without pads.
  11. aford10 said:
    :lol: I thought this was for SPORTS teams. IMO, it has to require some athletic talent to be a sport.

    Athletic talent? F1 drivers sweat so much, they lose more weight than top-class tennis players in the same time. They are INSANELY fit. You wouldn't be able to drive those cars otherwise.
  12. Herr_Koos said:
    Athletic talent? F1 drivers sweat so much, they lose more weight than top-class tennis players in the same time. They are INSANELY fit. You wouldn't be able to drive those cars otherwise.

    The air conditioning went out in my car last summer. I was sweating bullets while driving. That doesn't mean I was displaying athletic talent. :p
  13. Quote:
    we do it all the time its called Rugby it doesn't have a add break every 2 min, need four tries to throw a ball ten yards and need two teams to attack and to defend.

    Just like I said. The only people that say that are people that have never tried football at a high level without pads.

    Your average Rugby player is about 200-210 lbs (90-95 Kg). Your average NFL player can range from 225 (102 Kg) for a running back to over 370 lbs (167 Kg) for a lineman. For a game designed to hit each other a full speed at those forces you'd have instant death for half your players every game.

    Now I'm not trying to take nothing away from the toughness of Rugby. It's a damn tough game and I give the players all the credit in the world for playing it without pads. But let one of those guys get hit at full speed blindsided by a 270 (120 Kg) linebacker at full speed several times in a game and he'll definitely want pads (if he doesn't have a fractured skull or cracked all his ribs in the process).
  14. You don't even have to try football. Go to a game, and watch/listen to the hits. As bad as it is, there's a reason it's almost common for players to get concussions, torn ACL's, broken bones, sometimes worse. It's a very violent sport. The pads are smart.
  15. Right-on about the ads though. That's why "real" football (called "soccer" here) will never be "popular." The governing bodies wisely will not permit their games to be ruined by incessant advertising breaks.
  16. Look, man. It's simple and already stated twice. The only people that ever say that are people that have never tried football at a high level without pads.

    Again, I'm not falling rugby players wusses or no mot more athletic than NFL players. But let 1 rugby player try a full NFL game without pads and he won't make it back to the locker room under his own power.

    The pads aren't because NFL players are pansies. It's to keep you from getting killed on the field. Stop talking this and that and actually try it yourself. Go ahead. Drop back to pass and let a 120 Kg linebacker running at 22 mph hit your blindside and see how long it takes you to get back up. I'll never post another day in my life on this forum if you get back up under your own power in under 2 minutes. But in actuality, I'm going to suggest your don't do it. Because I know all too well how many people get hurt (badly) while even wearing the pads. To take those hits with no pads, you may as well write the will, pick the plot and buy the casket.

    PS: I played high school football and naturally played football with friends outside of school. I watched 3 friends get taken to the hospital with something broken or concussions thanks to the few games of the latter compared to the many games I played of the former.

    Watch this.

    One of the biggest rugby players hits with a force of 1,600 lbs.
    A 204lb (92.5 Kg) NFL linebacker hits with a force of 4,800 lbs.

    While Rugby players get hit more often per game, NFL players (and that guy is a lightweight) hit with far more force with each hit. You DO NOT want to be hit this way without pads. 4,800 lbs of force is a 35 mph car crash and you want to do that with no pads?
  17. So I searched Youtube for "Brian" Lima.....and? What exactly am I supposed to see here that I've not seen from a thousand other Rugby games?
  18. Dirk Diggler, I believe you are wrong.
  19. Suns: I hate them because running and gunning has never won a championship--it's lousy basketball, even if it looks cool.

    Patriots: I hate them because Grey is a terrible color choice and their logo sucks. At least it's supposed to be silver with the Cowboys. Can't it just be a tri-cornerd hat instead of a face wearing a hat? I bet you there's a non-hideous symbol that represents Revolutionary Patriots. How about Paul Revere? Then you get a rearing horse.

    Vikings: I love them because my 6th grade teacher was from Minnesota and I didn't have a team (in Guam).

    Bengals: I love that animal print helmet. Why don't the Jaguars have a cooler uniform?
  20. TheViper said:

    Watched it. Not getting into the pads / no pads argument, but from the voiceover

    '.... we bring in the hardest ruckers around - LA Rugby Club ....'

  21. Quote:

    something tells me her_koos didn't see the blue bulls thing I hate them hate them hate them hate them but its fun to get pissed with their supporters though

    I did see it, but I feel no need to defend myself or my team. Everyone loves to hate them because they win all the time. Which is more than (W)eer P(robeer) can say for themselves... :D
  22. Quote:
    52 players per side to finish 1 game...... I rest my case

    You wouldn't make a good trial lawyer resting with that bit.

    First, it's 53.
    Second, most are backups.
    Third, American football is designed to have dedicated skill positions for offense and defense and several for special teams.

    How exactly does the total number of players have any bearing on the toughness of the players or the violence of the impacts they endure?
  23. Might look violent? Did you watch the video I posted or read the impact forces generated per hit?

    Rugby hit - 1,600 lbs of force
    NFL hit - 4,800 lbs of force.

    I'm sure the rugby hit hurts pretty damn good by itself but at 4,800 lbs of's not that you want pads, it's that you need pads. They get enough concussions with helmets as it is. Take it off and you are asking for death on the field.
  24. Have you ever heard what happens on the bottom of a jam pile in football?? You don't want to be on the bottom, and you don't want to know. And they wear cleats in football too.
  25. From Pittsburgh now in DFW
    hate Yanks in baseball and Pats in football. And you can throw in the Heat this year in the NBA.
    Good thread.
  26. Quote:
    you can't test it like that. Take of the padding and let them test it. It will come down and a club player ain't the Avg rugby player. For instance forget about the tackle. Take a scrum. Over 800kg on both sides trying to go forward. Do you how much pressure that is alone? Ruck and mauls. A tackle is nothing compared to what happen after it with rugby. When both sides are trying to win the ball. That's where it stops for you guys. Over 800 kgs running over you with 2 to 3 inch stats in their boots. Trust me the tackle is mild stuff comparing to it. Some players wear scrum caps to protect their ears and heads . And you don't want to be inside a loose maul. The punching going on in the middle of it

    Going to have to say that you don't follow much football given this statement.

    Each play starts with about 1,000 Kg of weight on each side colliding (slightly less on the defensive side depending on how they line up). And if it's a running play, chances are you are pushing nearly full speed right into the middle of it.

    Ever see a gang tackle? You can get up to 15 people in on one tackle with half trying to tackle the ball carrier and the other half hitting the guys trying to tackle...but it's all weight on top of the ball carrier. Watch what happens during a fumble near the line of scrimmage.

    As for the test I posted, why can't you test it like that? Taking off the pads would reduce the weight some, sure, but impact force is still impact force. Force = mass x acceleration. Remove the pads, you reduce only some of the pads but you also increase the acceleration. The resulting impact force will be very similar.

    And again, the pads are to keep people from getting killed every game.
  27. Yes, plain and simple, I think that American football takes the cake in terms of sheer force and violence.

    In regard to the question on this OLD thread, I blindly despise the Cardinals in baseball, the Packers in football, and like everyone else, the Heat in basketball.
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