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I have a small problem, or big, whatever...

At work, we have this network set up. Everybody uses Outlook Express to get mails. Everything works fine. We have network printers.

Thing is...

One lady receives an email. It displays perfectly on her PC. When she prints it, the text is huge. When she forwards it to someone else, they can print it (to the same printer) and it is fine. She sends me the mail, and it's fine. Prints fine too.

The printer is connected directly to her PC, and others network to it.

I haven't tried to print to another printer to see what it does yet, but this computer is about a 1000 kilometres away from me. I netmeeting to it to fix it.

I have checked the settings in Outlook is the same as mine. I wouldn't like reinstalling the printer, as I might have trouble (Server running SuSe with Samba and Sage, not easiest printer setup), especially if I don't know it will work. It probably wont though.

If someone has any suggestions on the novel I have just written, I would appreciate it


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  1. Sounds like a problem with the driver settings on her computer.
  2. OK, so it came right. And then started doing it again.

    It prints ok from every app, except OE.

    Never had a problem like this before.
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