mounting problem redhat

im a complete greenhorn when it comes to linux but i am still tech savvy. a friend of mine brought his linux comp to me when it wouldnt boot and im looking for some help in diagnosing and solving the problem.

what i know:

its some version of redhat
i get segmentation faults saying,
35 segmentation fault
42 "
65 "
66 "

are the numbers significant in helping me solve this problem? the files that were attempted to load are listed too i think.

is there something i can do to help narrow down the problem?

i did some research and found that when the system couldnt boot "/proc" it apparently caused a mess of problems.... im going to slave it to get data off in the meantime as i wait for someone to help :cry:
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  1. It sounds like the RAM might be bad or some key system libraries were deleted or got corrupted.

    Try memtest86
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