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I have an older system, and I am going to be building a new one, at the end of April (waiting on price drops) I am going pretty to close to the top of the line on everything (GPU is an 8800 GTX)

My current system, a FX-51 AMD sports a failing 9800XT(think the on-board memory is failing). I am going to sell this sytem to my father when I get my new one, so I want to upgrade the AGP card.

I am looking for the best gaming value for the buck for an AGP card. I know the very top end AGP card, but that's more than I want to spend. Can folks give me some ideas. Everything else in the system is decent and I am running 2 gigs of ram, so I need a a GPU preformance upgrade over the 9800XT
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  1. Budget?
  2. I can spend up to 200 if I wanted to, but I would rather be around 80-120, since I would be selling this in a month or 2, and not making much off of the system.

    The bang for the buck is most important
  3. A 7600GS or X1650PRO would be in the $100-120 price range, and would be an upgrade, but not a big one. For an easily noticable difference, you should be looking at either a 7600GT, or X1650XT(+-$135 after rebate, and without +-$170). I don't know what kind of PSU you have, but if you were considering the X1950PRO, you'd most likely have to upgrade your PSU as well.
  4. Does your dad game? If not then you might as well grab a 7300 or X1300, or even a X300-6200 and tough it out until you get your new computer. MHO.
  5. Your best value is probably a sub-$100 used X800 XL on ebay.
  6. NOOOOOOO, Get the 1950pro AGP.

  7. Quote:
    NOOOOOOO, Get the 1950pro AGP.


    yeah, but he would rather spend 80-120 :P

    your best options would be, x1650 pro, 7600gs/gt, or even a x850 card depending on the use of the card.
  8. Quote:


    7800 GS = 7600 GT performance for more money...

    7800 GS is Not a good idea.
  9. lots of x850xt or x850pro+vivo on ebay for around $75

    thats a very good agp option, it'll smoke the x1600xt
  10. Quote:
    lots of x850xt or x850pro+vivo on ebay for around $75

    thats a very good agp option, it'll smoke the x1600xt

    Can you please point me to a working X850XT AGP that was sold on eBay for 75$? Or one that is about to end for that matter because at that price I'd buy a few of them.
  11. I didn't see any new X850 XT for sale on New Egg, what's the deal with this card, why is it so expensive, and how does it stack up to the other AGP cards?
  12. I dont think they made many pcie came along pretty soon after they came out i tried to find a new one last year would have had more luck finding rocking horse s***.
    Its about the fastest shader 2 agp card that was made
  13. That's a pretty good price, ~$25 cheaper than what NewEgg was selling them for ($30 currently), and at that price, likely to only lose a tiny bit of value between now and the time when reselling it is an option. I recommended one of the NewEgg ones to someone as a good option for a wifey/kid computer because they are so cheap and the GF7600GTs were so pricey.

    The GF7600GT is unfortuantely usually overpriced, so the GF7600GS and X1650P are usually the best deals, but I have noticed those GF7800GSs coming down to insanely low prices, and it's hard to turn down a card like that for $130 despite all it's crippled attributes. MIR is the only annoying point.
  14. I'd go with Cleeve's advice, pester eBay, ATI's clearance center, try to get something slightly used/refurbished in the line of the X800/850. On the market, the X1650Pro is a decent deal, if you can't get a nice deal for a refurb.
  15. Didn't see the X1650XT at the end of Kaoto's post (only noticed it when looking for a card for the other thread), that's another good one for the $120. Nice HIS overclockable unit, and would likely give the X800 and GF7800GS a run for their money, and even likely ok resale.

    For something like Oblivion that's the best money spent IMO, but for something to tide you over for just a month, it's hard to recommennd going outside of the lower end price range, or even eBay.
  16. I have that HIS X1650XT turbo in my HTPC now. It's a solid 10x7 Oblivion card. Slightly lower framerates than the X800XTpe (or X850XT) when running fsaa/bloom, but pretty close and tweaked right fsaa+hdr is easily playable. Great AGP for $120!
  17. Yeah but I know you're just interested in the neat glow in the dark fan !! :twisted:

    Yeah I was surprised in the 'stuck in the middle' thread when I looked for the X1650XT, I didn't expect the price to be where it is, and when I came to post it, I checked if someone else had found it and voila, Kaotao had snuck it in at the bottom. :oops:

    Nice little unit that one. Would recommend it for alot of people because nice combo of price/performance (too bad it wasn't that cheap when I recommended the GF7800GS to someone here, but there were other concerns) and it let's you play around with some of the higher end features. Sure we'd all love more, but I wouldn't be surprised if that X1650XT beats the GF7800GS for $10 less. Not sure about it against the X800 series, but it's gotta be close. It's only wek point is still that 128bit memory.
  18. Before installing the X1650XT in the HTPC and saying goodbye to it (such a pain to remove from the AV wall unit), I did alot of testing it against the X800xtpe and a GDDR3 X1650 pro. It spanked the X1650 pro, and was a good match for the X800. Besides Oblivion bloom, the X800 had a 4-5 fps lead in NFS:Carbon without motion blur(not an option for SM2.0). Actually, as it worked out they basically had identical playable detail levels and where the X800 pulled ahead was usually borderline or unplayable on either card anyway, like 21 fps ave vs 25 fps ave in Carbon. Turn things down a bit and the two gave near equal fps.

    Anyway, perfect card for my needs except the power requirements. One problem for me is I didn't get the rebate mailed in time, so tack $30 onto the cost. :x
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