H.D.D Failure...

Hi all, here is rather weird problem that happened to me a day ago and I’m dealing with it ‎but without any success.‎

My specs are:‎

GA K8NF-9‎
Athlon 64 3200+ ‎
‎1*512 Geil PC3200‎
‎1*512 Crucial PC3200‎
Seagate SATA 120‎
Geforce 7800GTX

So I wanted to add some ram to my rig and because my cousin is not using his own rams ‎anymore I called him and asked if I can borrow them and he said it's okay, so now I got ‎his 2*512 Kingston PC3200 modules too, now here is the funny part…‎

I removed my own modules from M.B and added his rams instead; with dual channel ‎config, then booted up my system, at the first run there were no problem at all but ‎suddenly my system froze and there were a sound like beep coming FROM my H.D.D ‎and the motor inside hard disk constantly stops and tries to start, sometimes it just takes ‎‎2-4 sec and after that it gets back to normal state but sometimes I have to reboot my ‎system AND sometimes my computer fails to recognize my hard disk and the only thing I ‎do to get back to normal is to shut my pc and then turn it on again and do it several times, ‎if I would be lucky my computer gets back to normal, BUT I have none of this problems ‎with my own modules of ram!!‎

Another point is that my own cousin with MSI KT6 Delta, Athlon XP 2600+ and Maxtor ‎SATA 120 has no problem using his own rams… ‎

So please help if you can… I really need to add this gig of ram :(
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  1. It might be your HDD, but it could be mixing or swapping RAM.
    How many beeps do you get on startup? 1 is OK, 3 short indicates memory sticks.

    Try booting up with your HDD disconnected (NOT removed!) and see what beeps you get :)
  2. Actually there is no beep when starting up and I have no problem booting up my ‎windows, it mostly happens at middle of my daily works with computer and its random.‎

    This beep is not coming from my case speaker it comes straight from H.D.D...‎

    Just an update to what is happening: I’m getting ideas that MAYBE my power supply ‎fails to give the needed power, it's and old one but I gave a fortune to buy it 3 years ago, ‎the label indicates it's 230 watt and my VGA needs a 12V power rail and in the overall ‎this rig is power hungry, if you ask why I don't get a new PS the answer is that I have no ‎problem using it all this 3 years and I’m just guessing that maybe wattage is not enough.‎

    The problem resists...‎ :(
  3. 8O
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