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I want to find the date I installed Windows XP on my machine. Can I do this, if so: How?
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  1. I have Everest Home edition (formerly aida32) and under the OS it shows the install date. this date also coincides with the date in the chipset.log found in the C:WINDOWS folder....
  2. Hmmm! I did a search for chipset.log on my machine. It doesn't exist.

    Ned, I think you're hoping to find some reference in the Registry, as do many. I did a cursory search for 10-15 minutes for dates I knew when I installed mine; found nothing.

    If you really just want to know, check the "Date Modified" column on the control.ini file in C: windows.
  3. Ya...just check the properties of various Windows system files, you'll come up with a date.
  4. Ok, thanks guys
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