cant install tascam us-122 external soundcard


after i install application for this soundard it prompts me to reboot. after i do it i have to plugin usb card and then the driver copying to system32 starts, but it copies forever. i then unplug the usb cable and windows sais hardware installation has been succsesfuilly completed. alas that is not so.LEDs on the soundcard never lit and basically nothing happens after this point. i tried to format and i get the same thing.

i have MSI k8n neo4 motherboard.
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  1. With all the USB devices I've done, you HAVE TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE FIRST!

    I'm afraid you have corruption in the Registry in that device area. Uninstall the Tascam stuff, unplug the unit. Since you are fresh with the XP, I suggest you delete the partition with a boot floppy using fdisk. (Do not format first.) Re-install your XP over again; get it running perfectly the way it should be with updates, SP2, etc.

    Then install the Tascam software, (which should set up the drivers). Reboot. When you hit your desktop, now plug in the unit. It should setup trouble free.
  2. thats EXACTLY what i did. for 3 bloody times now.

    it worked perfectly on my old computer and it still does on my laptop.
  3. Wow! The only other thought I have then, is MSI related.

    Go to their website and download their latest version of that mobo's drivers, and use them.

    I would also put in a tech support query to them, explaining this problem.

    Bothering Tascam about it is also a good idea. Rattle some chains.

    I'm sorry I couldn't help you.
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