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does anyone know if dlink has an end user forum or anything on their website? i looked around for a while but couldn't find it, or on a google search. I need some help with a wireless router i just got from them, and thats probably the best way to get some info.

I bought a netgear wpn824 a month ago and had problems with it. it worked fine when it worked but every few days it would seem like it got 'clogged' and i would start getting terrible ping in games and drops and have to reset the router, which it would then work again for several days

i looked around and the Dlink DGL-4300 was rated pretty good and my old wired dlink router worked well so i figured id get that.. but this things worse than the netgear. right away i was getting huge lag spikes in games and timing out. the configuration browser is way crappier than the netgear too requiring resets after the most basic settings changes.

one good thing about it is that it has a section for how screwed up it is. after being on just about 15 minutes i had over 27 packet drops and 275 errors! i know that cant be right. Is it possible this particular one is just defective? any tips on the settings if any of you have this router?
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  1. Lower your MTU on the router to 1492 and see if that helps.

    Make sure you have the latest firmware.

    Netgear forums use to be good, till they killed it. They were getting so much negative feedback they pulled the forum. Now everything is senssored. At least with Dlink you have phone support for more than 90 days.

    Netgear has a lot of problems with their firmware. I know I was a beta tester for them.
  2. i exhanged it for another one and now it works fine. I either think i had a bad one or it didn't like the 1.7 firmware. This time i just ran it off the 1.4 it came with and it seems fine so im leaving it there, if it aint broke dont fix it i say
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